How To Add A Review Widget To Squarespace

Who doesn’t want to build trust with their customers? And what is better than displaying genuine reviews from the customers on your website. 

Push your Squarespace store with the authentic reviews of your delighted customers. It will help your new customers to easily build on your website by making an informed purchase decision. 

You are ready to add those genuine reviews, but how will you do it is the question here. 

To embed these amazing reviews, you need to add a review widget on your website. So here in this blog, we will tell you how to add a review widget on your Squarespace store to boost your brand. 

Select Best Review Widget From The Internet

To empower your website with the potential of customer reviews and feedback, the Review Widget is the tool you need. As you search on the browser, there are hundreds of tools available on the internet that might overwhelm you and make it difficult to choose one. 

You can choose the right Review Widget for your Squarespace website by following these tips. These tips will help you to smartly choose the Review Widget that best suits your SquareSpace Store needs. So let’s start: 

  • First, you need to make a list of the top 10 Review Widgets available on the internet. Search for the “Review Widget Tools” on the internet, make all the top 10 tools part of your selection list. 
  • Then go through each tool description and functionality they are offering. First of all, check whether the tool supports embedding reviews on the Squarespace website. If yes, you can select them. If opposite, then you can remove that tool from your list. Now you have the list of Review Widget tools that help you to add Reviews on the Squarespace website
  • It’s time to check for features and benefits at the pricing plans associated with the tools. Some tools are available for free, but they don’t have features that make your customer reviews look attractive and creative on your website. In this case, depending on your website needs, you can choose between the tools that provide maximum features and benefits at lower costs. So make a list of three such tools and remove other ones. 
  • Among these three, check which has the most reputations and use in the market, or you might take the demo of each one to get a better idea about how to use the tool. One that you find easy and handy for you and your team that is also budget-friendly will be your go-to tool. 
  • This way, you can select the best Review Widget to display customer feedback directly on your Squarespace website. 

Collect Reviews From Your Customers

Now the important question is – how will you collect customer reviews from the internet? 

First, you need to find where your customers leave reviews and feedback for your product. Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews are the major platforms where people usually share their reviews. Other platforms are Yelp, Airbnb, and many more. 

You have to choose a Review Widget to collect your customer reviews from these review platforms. 

You can also collect the reviews manually from these platforms and embed them into your website. 

Connect your Google account or Facebook Page with tools, and they will easily collect all the reviews and ratings on these channels. 

Enhance Social Proof Of Your Squarespace

People trust people more than a brand or marketer. So you need to build your marketing strategy strong with powerful customer reviews. 

People love to buy those products easily and without doubting when people like them promote that product. Thus, displaying reviews on SquareSpace will boost your store’s authenticity and give your potential customers. 

Review Widget helps you create some amazing-looking review windows on your website that not only build the social proof of your SquareSpace store but make it more appealing and attractive. 

Manage The Reputation Of Your Website With Reviews

Having a good reputation in the market and industry is so important, but having a good reputation with customers will lead to another scale of success. 

Displaying customer reviews without altering them gives a sense of trust and value to your customer. Cause, not all the reviews are five stars or praising everything about your brand. You can make a beautiful window of all the reviews to represent on your website. It will grow your brand reputation with your potential audience, building a relationship that will last for a long time.  

Build A Success Story 

Now it’s your turn to expand your online store with the fortune of easy customer reviews available on the internet. Decades before, it was not possible for brands to collect customer feedback so easily. 

But now, some tools and tactics will make your business story into a successful one by increasing word-of-mouth marketing. 

So follow the above tips to add a review widget for your Squarespace website. 

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