8000 Series: Best Technology to Measure High/Low Temp. Fluid

8000 eXtreme High Heat (XHT) or eXtreme Low Heat (XLT) is a technology that system operators use to measure the liquid flow rate at high or low temperatures. 8000 series is the only flow meter that can work under these temperatures and record the most accurate and reliable readings. The kinetic energy in the operating temperatures determines the measurement results. Despite their ability to provide the most reliable and accurate results in extreme conditions, 8000 series are always cheaper and require low maintenance costs than other flow meters. It has made many people use them in their applications, especially in Proteus industries.

8000 series can measure liquids or fluids at temperatures of -80 to 200 degrees Celsius and still provide effective results. We will discuss how 8000 works, some of its characteristics, methods of installing it in various applications, and its advantages.

How 8000 series work?

As the liquid flows in the pipe, the hall effects on the sensor’s body turn on. The microcomputer in the sensor body controls and marks the number of rotations the rotor makes, giving out the results in the flash memory, thus recording the flow rate.
One needs to choose the time level or the alarm the device uses to change the flowing liquid or fluid state. When using 8000 series, the output of the flow rate is always between 0 to 10 or 0 to 5 VDC and 4 to 20 mA.

The average working level of the flow rate leads to a change in the display of LED flow from bright to green color, which in turn changes to red and then amber when put under the flow rate alarm and when placed below the alarm limit in the sensor body respectively.

Characteristics of 8000 series

i)8000 series have got a 3% range of efficiency flow which enhances all types of liquid to flow smoothly in pipes.
ii) The temperatures of the flowing liquid range between 40 to 90 degrees Celsius in standard models with 150 degrees Celsius versions and more.
iii) The fluid or liquid flow ranges between 0.2 to 227 LPM or 0.05 to 60.0 GPM.
iv) 8000 series can last longer since it has a warranty of five years.
v) It has an enclosed regular 4X or IP66 NEMA.
vi) The durability and improvement of precision to digital signal programs help give stable and accurate results.
vii) The feature of electric auto alarm trip points alerts the system operators on the liquid measurement.
viii) It has some two markings of 0 to 10 or 0 to 5 VDC and 4 to 20 mA

Methods of installing 8000 series in various applications

1.In Selecting the Alarm Trip Point

i) While maintaining the O-ring and the closure, use a flat head screwdriver to remove the screw end-labeled set.
ii) Change the location of the switch and ensure that it is at the point that suits the trip point well. By doing this, the new trip point will start to work immediately.
iii) Form a leak-tight by replacing the O-ring and the screw end and making the time to prevent any occurrence of the leakage.

2. In Plumbing Selection

i)One should determine the size of your 8000 series and know the connection type it uses in the flow rate measurement of the liquid before you do any installation.
ii) Link the pipes and fittings you need in operating your 8000 series device. It would help if you could use glue or Teflon tape, which are non-resistant on pipe wires to create lubricant joints and are leakproof.
iii) You should switch on the liquid flow slowly and verify the holes at the connection point. It would help if you used compress bonds to reduce the leaks.

3. In Output Selection

i)By preserving the O-ring and the back position, use a flat screwdriver to separate the screw end near the PowerPoint.
ii) After that, you need to go to the specific area where the output charge is to begin. The changes will start working immediately.
iii) Prevent the occurrence of any leak by tightening the screw and the O-ring.

4. In Flow Measurement

i)Connect the negative (-) terminal of a digital multimeter to the analog ground wire, which is green.
ii) Join the multimeter’s positive (+) terminal to the brown or orange wire for a current product or voltage output, respectively.
iii) Measure the voltage output and the current product.
iv) Study the flow rate with the flow curves.

5. In Electrical Connectivity

i)Turn off the 24VCD power origin in the pipe.
ii) Choose the best method of wiring in joining the wires.
iii) Make sure that you have joined the wires well to prevent any risk occurrence.
iv) Turn on the 24VCD power origin.
v) By doing this, the flow switch LED will turn on. One can use the flow rates or alarm trip points to determine the LED colors.

Advantages of using 8000 series

1.The 8000 series has got a unique design hence can resist measurements at a high level of heat.
2. It is durable since it has a five years warranty.
3. 8000 series is simple, cheap, and easier to install than other flow meters.
4. It provides viscosity measurement of different types of liquid or fluids.
5. The lowest reading is between 1.0 to 60 LPM.
6. It displays the exact and accurate measurement of liquid flow rate.


System operators have recognized 8000 series as the best, most effective, and reliable flow meter since it can measure fluids or liquids at high or low-temperature levels. A warranty of five years also guarantees you good operation and effective results.

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