5 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight As Per Expectations

Gaining weight is relatively easy. However, losing extra fat from your body may put you into tears. It is not uncommon that even after strenuous exercise and spending strict gym sessions with tons of iron, one remains unable to lose weight within few days.

However, losing body fat is not that easy. On the contrary, it needs a lot of patience and focus. On the other hand, there are many misconceptions in the minds of gym-goers. Many people who suffer from obesity often think they could lose weight only by following strict gym sessions.

They don’t understand the value of the diet. Whereas, if working out with irons result from 30%, diet does the remaining 70%. People often complain that even after following a strict schedule, they are unable to lose weight. Well, there are ample reasons behind this thought. Before we start citing those reasons, let us know why losing weight is essential.

Why should you lose weight?

Actually, there are ample benefits. Here we are suggesting the best ones.

  • Say no to allergy:

Obesity is the cause of allergic reactions, and doctors have enough proof to back this statement. According to Dermatologists, most time-obsessed people have the tendency to suffer from allergic reactions. It is because of overweight which creates stress on adrenaline glands as well as the respiratory system. Apart from these two, it causes asthma and develops allergies in several body parts.

If you start exercising to lose weight, all these allergic problems and additional physical illnesses will easily be removed.

  • Have the heavenly taste of your food:

According to the recent survey of the Oxford University of United Kingdom, obsessed people slowly lose the taste of foods. It may arise a question in your mind then what the reason for overeating is? One and only cause of such overeating is to satisfy their stomach.

To get back to a slim figure and satisfy the taste buds, let’s start from today. Begin with exercise and start losing weight as much as possible.

  • Minimises the chance of heart attack:

No wonder obsessed people are mostly tending to heart attacks. Due to huge body weight, mainly body fat, it creates pressure on your heart. For this reason, the requirement of oxygen and sudden heart attack is quite common to them. Therefore, unexpected medical emergencies can bring the situation of borrowing. As a result, there will be no way left but to take out loans for unemployed with bad credit and that too with no guarantor.

In most cases, we have witnessed people dying. As a result, family members need to carry on pain of losing near ones, and on the other, they have to bear the huge amount of debt. To avoid such an unpleasant situation, one should start losing weight today as it minimises the chance of heart attack and sudden medical expenses.

5 Reasons why you are unable to lose weight as per expectations

You have started doing exercise and still finding no change in your body! There is nothing to suggest to you, but the only thing to advise is to keep patience. Remember, this much weight gain did not happen in one day. Instead, it took place daily.

Just like that, it will take time too. However, there are so many reasons due to which you are unable to understand the process of weight loss.

1. It takes time to realise:

Standing in front of the mirror and assessing your body after every gym session will not work! We how exciting it is to see yourself fit into the old wedding gown! However, it is not an overnight process. Instead, it will take time.

Remember, it is undoubtedly working inside if you are attaining workout sessions and following a strict diet. Expression of improvement takes some time. Therefore, don’t be despaired by assessing every day your body every with a measuring ribbon. Instead, use another technique of monthly follows up.

2. Weighing after the meal:

Although you are taking healthy diets but still measuring the bodyweight just after a meal, it will show no difference. We may deduct some extra numbers from our body weight, but it is a weighing machine and not anything that will show the desirable weight to satisfy your mind. Many people perform the same mistake repeatedly.

We suggest not weighing just after having the meal. Instead, you can do it just after finishing the workout session. It will help to determine how much you have lost during the session.

3. Lack of intaking healthy diet:

Without consulting a dietician when people start dieting, it will bring another problem. Do you know why? You merely have the knowledge about what to include and what to exclude as per your body weight. Besides, if you are in taking those foods without knowing the nutritional value, then it is of no use.

Therefore, always consult a dietician before starting the diet. It may also happen that you are in taking a fruit juice but utterly unaware of its added preservatives. Those preservatives are not at all suitable for our health.

4. Lack of protein:

A healthy diet contains every single aspect of nutrition. A diet will be considered a complete meal only when it is full of protein, minerals, vitamins, low amounts of carbohydrates, and very low fat. Yes, fat is also necessary to keep our bodies healthy.

However, the most important among these is ensuring the source of protein. Without consuming it, in an appropriate quantity, one can never lose weight. Lack of protein can be the cause of the inability in losing weight.

5. Excessive intake of calories:

It is very commonly said that calories need to be burnt. More exercise assures the burning of extra calories. Generally, the source of calories is protein and fat. An adequate amount of consumption of protein can satisfy the requirement of calories in our body.

However, more consumption generates excessive amounts of calories that are hard to burn and so as to increase weight.

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