Xbox Series X Headsets Review & Buying Guide

Arctis headphones can be technically connected to the Series X controller via a 3.5mm jack, but not all are made for the Xbox, so not all features are fully utilized.

If you already have an Arctis headset, you don’t have to worry about buying a new one unless you upgrade, as connecting to the X-Series controller via 3.5mm is compatible with the headset.

What if I have audio issues on the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S Arctis 9X?

When you use headphones with an Xbox wireless device (such as the Arctis 9X), audio problems can occur when the controller is idle for a period of time. This is a known problem with the Xbox Series X headset between the S and the new generation of drivers. Microsoft is currently working on a fix and will update the system when it is complete. So far, the workaround is to use the Xbox One controller with the Series X.

Update: As of November 30, 2020, Microsoft has released a console update that addresses this issue.

X Series Helmet S Windows Sonic / Dolby Atmos / DTS: Which Arctis headphones work with the X?
All Arctis headphones work with these surround sound technologies on the next generation Xbox. Note that additional purchases may be required for Dolby and DTS features.

A50 Headset Guide Step by Step

This guide will give you all the information you need to install the A50 Wireless + Base Station Gen 4 on your Xbox Series X or S.

Here are the ASTRO devices you need to connect:

  • A50 helmet
  • A50 base station
  • Micro-USB cable

Step by Step

Step 1: Make sure your A50 headset and base station are updated with the latest firmware available from ASTRO Command Center on your PC or Mac by following the instructions in this quick tutorial video.

Step 2: Make sure Xbox X Series | Your S system is on.

Step 3: Download Dolby Access Xbox Series X | Your S device.

Step 4: Connect the Micro USB end of the supplied cable to the Micro USB port on the A50 base station.

Step 5: Make sure the access point is in Xbox mode by using the switch on the back of the access point.

Step 6: Connect the USB-A end of the same cable to the Xbox Series X | S to the USB-A port. If your Xbox is running, this headset needs to be configured for you if you are signed in. If multiple users are logged in, be sure to specify which user needs to assign the headset.

Step 7: Xbox Open X Series S menu by pressing the Xbox button on the controller. Go to the Settings menu.

Step 8: Select the volume and audio output setting menu.

Step 9: Under Volume Settings, make sure Headset is selected as the Group Chat Output setting.

Step 10: Under Headphone Audio, make sure the Headphone Format is set to Dolby Atmos even if you are using a 2 channel stereo.

Step 11: Launch Dolby Access Xbox X Series In the S. console The Xbox / PC version of the Gen 4 base station has a lifetime Dolby Atmos license and Dolby Access automatically depends on it.

Step 12: Open the Settings menu in Dolby Access.

Step 13: Select the Equalizer (EQ) presets for the A50 Wireless + base station or create your own custom equalizer profile. If you do not want surround sound, you can turn off the surrounding virtualizer at the bottom of the custom equalizer. The custom Equalizer is always used with your stereo sound.

** Important Note: Dolby Access smoothing profiles replace existing A50 headphone profiles. Equalizer profiles for A50 headphones do not apply to Xbox Series X | For USB audio received from S. In addition, Dolby Surround (virtualization around) sound is processed via Dolby Access in this setting, and the Dolby button on the A50 can be turned off.

Step 14: Close out the menu and start up your favorite game.

You’re good to go! Be sure to check in-game options regarding potential player muting or other audio setup, as these features can differ from game to game. Your A50’s mic can also be manually muted using the headset’s flip-to-mute microphone.

n Anacrusis, Infinite Replayability Shapes Its Performance

Anacrusis is a game left 4 dead that seeks to tell the story of what happened before the violent conflict of alien invasion.

Unveiled in the Summer Game Fest Kickoff live action and then fully featured on Xbox Showcase Extended, The Anacrusis is an upcoming four-player supporting first-person shooter where you and your team battle through the waves of monsters. If that sounds like a variation of the left 4 dead, it should! The game was developed by Stray Bombay, a company founded by Kimberly Voll and Chet Faliszek, both of whom were former Writers for Valve who wrote Left 4 Dead.

I arrived at Stray Bombay to ask the company about the story of Anacrusis and how it plans to tell stories about many folks. Keeping in mind that players would play the game over and over again, Stray Bombay designed Anacrusis to have a “hundred” story.

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