Why Redesigning Website is essential in 2021

One of the key factors for a website to run successfully is its ranking or SEO (search engine optimization). And for every website, a larger number of viewers would help it to run more successfully. Redesigning Website is a very important step for your business rather than marketing. Get to know from here Design Agency Dawn Creative.

A website is generally a collection of pages loaded with information or web pages on the internet, typically produced by a single person or organization. For example, Wikipedia.com, google.com, amazon.com are a few famous ones. This is the main source of marketing. And since the last decade, the Internet has been overflowing with numerous websites. Almost everyone in the digital world has got their website. But not necessarily everyone is running their websites successfully. Routinely you should check your website ranking to ensure the position and accordingly make necessary changes.

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Another most important aspect to gain higher SEO for your website is regularly updating your website. Especially, in the year 2021 with the fall of the unfortunate pandemic, your website must be revamped. So, go through all the points listed below thoroughly to know why your website needs to be redesigned in 2021.

●      Ensure to make a responsive website design

Always remember to use your marketing strategy on your website. Make your website more transparent and convenient for the customer. That is trying to make it user-friendly. According to the latest statistics 88% of the users ignore websites, because they find them quite difficult to manage or handle. Your Redesigning Website must be in line with a clear design so that people are appraised of the services and products provided by your business. So, focus all your investments and efforts to create a responsive website.

●      Try to make it 100% mobile-friendly

Always make a website that is efficiently accessible both on the smartphone and desktop. Especially nowadays, many people might not have a desktop or laptop, but almost everyone owns a smartphone. So, make it perfectly compatible with your mobile or tablet. And also make sure to make it available on both versions of Android and Mac. And don’t forget to update the mobile websites at regular intervals. Make the navigation easier, for viewers to undergo a smooth site searching. Fixed position navigation would be better for mobile users because it adjusts to the screen resolution. Do not leave it untouched once the website is prepared. You have to update it regularly.

●      Make it unique, different from others

Always try to avoid plagiarism. Do not copy content or design or any other thing from someone else’s website. Because this pulls your rank down and creates a bad impression. Also, never add stock photos to your website. Always invest in adding original photos to your website. Preserve your originality and make it extraordinary to attract more viewers. Use unique typography and different font styles. Go for adding more graphics like banners, bookmarks, display badges and many more. These are appreciated by the audience. And to make it unique, you have to update your website regularly. This is because every new idea becomes trendy and thus becomes common within just a few days. So, updating your website is very important to ‘be the trend creator, not the trend follower’.


Search Engine Ranking in SEO refers to the website’s position in the search engine’s result page. Several factors influence the search engine ranking like high-quality, optimised content, user engagement, the page loading speed, security of your site, target keywords and many more. So, try to create target focused keyword and better-quality content for your website. Make sure that however small your business is but it is listed on Google. So that your Redesigning Website can generate better and effective leads and enquiries. Also, remember with each day passing by, with newer ideas, the SEO changes every day. So, you need to update your content every day to maintain a good ranking of your website.

●      Maintain simplicity and make it a perfect fit for your brand

While trying to oblige all the above-listed points, do not make your website too complex. Keep it simple and hassle-free for the viewers. Maintain simplicity but make it attractive. Update your website regularly to increase functionality, enhance viewership and update tools. Always prefer your brand colour as your website background colour. Also, enhance your Redesigning Website according to your brand layout and designs. This helps to make your viewers more attracted to your brand. So, in this case, if required, even invest in introducing changes to your website.

So, what are you waiting for, implement these and regularly keep updating your website? It will always help you maintain you good ranking. Surely you will grab a strong position on the internet soon. However, pandemic or lockdown it may be, if you regularly redesign your website properly you will get a good SEO ranking.

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