WeldSaver Drawback -Leak Detection and Flow Control Device

The WeldSaver drawback is a safe water device that many industries use to detect leakage and control water flow. The welders also use it to stop the catastrophic coolant dumps in the welding operations, especially robot automation.
This water saver drawback has been the best device for controlling water flow and detecting any leakage for over twenty-five years. This is because it uses fewer seconds to detect any leakage. It also provides an alert and protection against the cooler dumps in the welding industries.

Weldsaver Drawback

Weldsaver 6 + drawback also helps ensure workers’ safety and protects the industrial machines from breakage leading to lower operational costs. It is suitable in industries. It can also be used at offices and homes to detect leakage and ensure the proper flow of water in dumps or pipes.
Before installing the weldsaver as a water saver drawback, one needs to know what causes the water leakage and see whether it can be solved by weldsaver 6. In most cases, the leakage is always caused by;

i)The coolants’ heating by the radiator increases pressure inside the cap, thus leading to an overflow of the coolant because of the weak leakage. People usually refer to it as the radiator leak cap.
ii) An overheated engine comes from a constant level of coolant in the water pipe leading to the closing of the head gasket in the water pipe or engine. In most cases, we usually call it physical leakage.
iii) External leaks are also a cause of water leakages where the coolant evaporates because of too much heat from the water pipe or engine. This, in turn, leads to cracking of the coolant due to its nature of cooling the engine.

How people use weldsaver6+ Drawback as an intelligent detector

The weldsaver Drawback differentiates the leaks and the rate flow of water by controlling the cycle of the welds and giving out the signs for the water saver drawback. This is because it is painted and designed to sense any occurrence of the leaks keenly.
The water saver drawback shut down all the coolant engines leading to less water loss and destruction of the property like the flood’ mess that the leaks would have caused. Some industries typically use test benches to test the pressure, leaks, flow, and detect the leaks in various water pumps and industrial dumps.

Critical aspects of weldsaver6+ Drawback

i)It indicates the temperatures and coolant flow rate in the teaches pendants and the browser-based interface.
ii) It sends an alarm to the person who controls the weld in less time. This usually takes a maximum of 0.2- 0.4 seconds. It does all these with the help of a proprietary detector algorithm.
iii) It also stops the flow in the floor or the item by decreasing the coolant dumps that retract water from the engine cooling gun in less than 0.1 seconds.
iv) It helps to monitor the coolant flow and records the conditions of the temperature that helps in the maximum cooling of electrodes.
v) It ensures the dryness of the types of equipment and redirects coolant flow when the coolant cap is lost or in case of any change.

Aspects of Weldsaver

vi) It allows the user to set the alarm. Choose the operating types of equipment or parameters to detect the coolant leaks
vii) The weldsaver6 Drawback has two control interface options, PROFINET ® and EtherNet/IPTM. This gives you an opportunity on the best option to use depending on your machine.
viii) It has a remote control valve that helps change the gun and the weld cap in the coolant equipment.
ix) The rate of the flow has a constant range of 6-50LPM/ 1.5-13 GPM.
x) The liquid temperatures have a constant range of 4.0-110 degrees Celcius or 39-230 degrees Celsius.
xi) It helps connect networks because it has a display output that contains robotic teach pendants.

Advantages of WeldSaver 6 drawback

Weldsaver6 + Drawback is essential for saving water in homes and industries. It also helps hydraulics of equipment and various cooling machines by detecting leaks and enhancing water flow.

Below are some of the advantages of weldsaver drawbacks.

i)Safety enhancement

Weldsaver Drawback protect people by ensuring that there are no leaks of water that may cause flooding. It can also alert people on the leakage of gas oils that, when not properly controlled, may lead to the outbreak of fire that destroys people’s properties.
Control of the coolant system Weldsaver drawback acts as a water saver drawback since it monitors the flow rate that is needed to detect the leaks when they occur immediately. Most of the weldsaver devices come from proteus industries and works with various devices like fast leak detector, flow measurer, etc.

It is a cheaper way of water-saving

Weldsaver Drawback helps avoid various losses or risks caused by leaks as it can detect any leaks and alert the users in the shortest time possible. As we all know, it is always expensive to repair certain damages that come due to water leaks, and this is why the weldsaver device is always the best in ensuring safety.

Provides quick alerts

The WeldSaver Drawback gives speedy alerts to the weld controllers in case of any leaks to fix any problem or error that might lead to gasses or chemicals leakage that in turn may cause damage to various properties.

People use it to carry out various industrial functions.

WeldSaver 6 + drawback is an essential device for industries as it helps in cooling the military and IBM supercomputer. This leads to positive outcomes even when the demographic condition is unfavorable.


WeldSaver Drawback is the best device that most industries, offices, and homes use as a water saver drawback. It detects leaks in water types of equipment and pipes, thus ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the coolant. It also eases the flow rate both in LPM and GPM.  

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