Top Features of Rectangular Shower Trays

The rectangular shower trays are designed to fit with a rectangular enclosure. Besides that, you can also use them with a walk-in shower. Most of the time, these come in a package when you buy an enclosure. However, in case you don’t receive them, you can buy them separately. But you will have to check whether it can fit into the desired space. 

Shower trays regardless of their shape serve an important function. Without it, your bathroom would look incomplete. These provide a sturdy surface where you can stand while taking shower. In addition to that installing it prevents water from going out of the shower area by directing it towards the drainage. Although it is possible to install them without tray, however we recommend having them due to various benefits. 

What are Rectangular Shower Trays

As clear from its name, Rectangular Shower Trays work with the rectangular enclosure to provide a solid surface to stand. Considered being a more spacious shape, compatible with almost all shower door types, it provides extra room as compared to a square shape. Their low-profile version is suitable to use with a walk-in enclosure. You can even use them as a stand-alone item as per your specific needs. 

The first thing you should know when considering rectangular shower trays is that there are so many options available. Variety and selection (not to mention style, of course), is at the heart of all unique designs since designing a new bathroom can really bring out the creative sides in us all. So, just to give you an idea of the various sizes and shapes of shower trays available, this article down that covers everything you should know. From oval to rectangular to round to square and even trapezoidal; each tray can perfectly match or contrast with the design of your bathroom. The size and shape of a tray also depend on the amount of space available in your bathroom (since a larger tray may only fit in a smaller area than what you have on hand).

Features of Rectangular Shower Trays.

There are the following important features of this gray shape. 

Add A Beautiful Touch to Your Shower Area. With two opposite sides similar in length, a rectangular shape tray produces a beautiful and stylish appearance to the shower area. its attractive look is noticeable to anyone entrain the bathroom. Whether you are installing it with an enclosure, walk-in shower or a standalone unit, its aesthetically pleasing look will amaze everyone.

Spacious Shower Area.

It is a type of shape that will give a sense of spaciousness even to a small bathroom. It is because of the shower doors compatible with this type of enclosure and tray do not require clearance space. Besides that, the length of two opposite equal sides also helps to make it feel larger than compared to other shapes.

The flexibility of Choices.

With this type of trays, you have multiple installation options available for you. For example, you can use it under a similar shape enclosure. It is a type that is preferred for a walk-in shower too. The main reason for its preference for the walk-in shower is that these most of the time fit between the corners. And these trays fit well within such spaces. Moreover, there are instances where you prefer to use it as a standalone unit just to create a surface that can contain and direct water toward drainage. In all such situations, you can install this tray.

Great for Modern Bathrooms.

Since aesthetics has become very important for modern bathrooms, people prefer everything that can help them create a contemporary and luxurious look. The good news is that the rectangular tray is helpful in achieving this goal.

Available in different sizes and colours.

To achieve the desired look in the bathroom, it is important you have the flexibility to choose between different colors. The most popular is white that goes perfectly with all types of themes. While the second option is black that you can also choose depending on your preference. In addition to that, these have various sizes available as well.

Material of Rectangular Shower Trays.

Shower trays are available in a range of different materials. Our trays are made with acrylic capped pearlstone material. Which is a preferred material due to its lightweight, durability, and less costs. Other options may include ceramics, hard plastic, and stone, etc.

Shop for Acrylic Rectangular Shower Trays at Royal Bathrooms

In this article, we have a discussion about the features of rectangular shower trays. These trays are a great option for a similar shape enclosure, walk-in enclosure, or any other place where you need a standalone installation. Available in different colours and sizes, you can easily find the one to create your desired look. At Royal Bathrooms, we have slimline acrylic shower trays available at lower prices. 

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