Top 6 tourist attractions in Shanghai China

Shanghai is a famous tourist destination, noted for its ancient sites, including The Bund, City of the God Temple, and Yu Garden, as well as its vast skyline Lujiazui and numerous skyscrapers. In addition, the largest city in China boasts a unique futuristic landscape.

Cultures of the East and West merge to offer innumerable attractions, including gastronomic jewels, trendy retail centers, and fantastic waterfront walks. It provides numerous thrilling tourist options. In addition, this giant metropolis provides many rustic old areas and locations to see its multiple newer tourist attractions despite more than 24 million people.

Shanghai may best be described with one word: lively. Old restaurants, stores, and buildings for new and refurbished versions are continuously being renovated. To experience this upbeat version, Qatar airways booking readily out their various deals and discounts, as they understand it is exciting to be in a climate that keeps its travelers on their toes. Shanghai is the ideal time to visit between October and November. This brief fall season has cozy temperatures and does not include the summer crowds and rain showers. The cool weather in winter is less appealing for travelers.

Top 6 Tourist Attractions in Shanghai

Yu Garden

This enormous, green landscape, also known as the Garden of Happiness, spans over 20,000 square meters and comprises an outside and an inside garden. The oldest area is Outer Garden, and more alterations occur when the Sansui Tang, the main hall of the park, became part of the 18th century. This imposing edifice is noted for its beautiful roof decoration, figurative depictions in bas-reliefs, the opening of the windows, and its walls decorated with dragons.

Also worth viewing is the newer and far smaller Inner Garden. It contains the characteristic elements of a traditional Chinese garden of writers: appealing pavilions, décor stones and tiny rows of mountains, walls and little pools, and even a theatre with a highly adorned stage.

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Jade Buddha Temple

Two Shakyamuni sculptures that Monk Huigen had brought from Burma with him are housed atop the lovely Jade Buddha Temple. A great hall (the Tian Wang Dian) is the most stunning of all structures; the hall is remarkable because of its statues of the four celestial rulers and two sculptures of the Shakyamuni. The lovely Great Hero Hall (Daxiong Baodian) with its Three Age Buddhas and 18 Luohan statues are also of note.

Shanghai’s Promenade

The Zhongshan Lu is a beautiful broad walk along the Huangpujiang River on its western shore. The site has maintained a European feeling since formerly there was the site of the international city settlement; it is trendy among visitors. The many historic English and French buildings that currently serve as restaurants, boutiques, galleries, and offices make that influence particularly obvious.

The Huangpu Park was created in 1886 and is regarded as the oldest public park in the country, situated near the north end of The Bund. There is a fantastic museum about the Bund’s history. It is an attractive location to visit. The Bund is also an excellent site to start your tour of the city.

Oriental Pearl Tower

The Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower are a must-visit in Shanghai. The Bund promenade has a magnificent view in conjunction with the fantastic outlook on the bustling river and the new town. The space hotel offers guest rooms with incredible sights and a thrilling, virtual reality roller coaster ride, including a low-level retail center. Even if you cannot do it up, you’ll love seeing it in a beautiful light display at night when the entire building is lit up.

Nanjing Road

Shanghai’s main shopping avenue is Nanjing Road. Enjoy all kinds of consumer products along this primarily pedestrian-friendly road, from street sellers selling trinkets from the Chinese language to expensive shops that sell traditional arts and crafts. Many major shopping centers, department shops, such as the legendary Yibai and Jiubai, are also available.

It is also a lively entertainment zone where you will find several restaurants, films, and street entertainment. During big holidays like the Chinese New year, it is incredibly wonderful to visit when the street is a hub of celebrations and feasting.

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

The city has the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, China’s most significant and one of the city’s top attractions annually, attracting over two million people. The museum has a lot to do and see. An extensive collection of animals from the region, scientific accomplishments, an amazing robotic show, and exhibitions on space voyages are highlighted.

The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is also entertaining for families. The 120 meters underwater tunnel that gives an overview of the region’s unique marine life is popular with this exciting attraction.

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