Acell +PRP Injection Therapy? Results and Its Recovery Rate

All is a company that produces medicines that are used in the restoration of hair. It produces medicines such as the ACellular matrix and Extracellular matrix. The medicines are rich in cells that help the body fight any allergic reactions in people.
PRP is the short form of Platelet Rich Plasma. It is a blood portion that is rich in more platelet-rich plasma. In other words, it is called an autologous conditioned plasma since the blood is more concentrated in platelet-rich plasma. 

To obtain the Platelet-rich plasma, the doctor should draw blood from the body and place it in a centrifuge tool. The centrifuge divides the solid and liquid parts of it. More platelet activators are then added to the solid part to obtain the platelet-rich plasma.
In today’s world, the problem of hair loss or thinning of hair has been expected. Hair loss from the scalp occurs due to some medical complications, hormone changes, or family inheritance. In men, it is called baldness.

Due to this complication, many people have been looking for a solution to restore their hair in the scalp. As a result, the use of PRP injection has been vital to the problem. Many people choose it more reliable and have fewer side effects because the specialized doctor draws the patient’s blood to perform the therapy exercise.
ACell and PRP injection use both cellular products from Acell company and PRP therapy to restore hair loss. Acell produces more rich medicines in cells and is suitable for treating the skin or strengthening the muscles. On the other hand, PRP stimulates hair growth, thus leading to better restoration of hair.

For the safety of the patients, they do choose to use PRP Acell injection at the same time. Let us take a case study of the Acell and PRP injection therapy, results, and its recovery rate.

Acell + PRP Injection Therapy?

PRP Acell injection introduces Acell products and Platelet Rich Plasma into the scalp where there is hair loss. It is a hair treatment that does not involve surgeries. Instead, therapy is done on the scalp by extracting platelet-rich plasma from the blood and adding a cell product that stimulates hair follicles’ growth.

The procedure takes roughly one hour. The healing process also does not take a longer time when the therapy is successful. The use of a local anesthetic should protect the affected part before the therapy starts. This will stop any pain on the scalp. The therapy is advantageous as it helps in; stopping hair loss, activates the growth of hair follicles, strengthens hair, and improves hair quality.

A day after performing the therapy, patients can always return to work or their normal activities. All PRP cost ranges between $1100- $1900 in each therapy.

Results of Acell + PRP injection therapy

Here, we have discussed both positive and negative results of Acell and PRP injection therapy;

Positive results

i) PRP acell results in new growth of hair follicles in the scalp. One can see the new hair within three to six months.
ii) PRP acell results in solid and thick hair. One cannot experience the thinning of hair after the therapy.
iii) The results from acell PRP are always long-term and secure.
iv) As a result of PRP acell injection, one experiences less hair loss after a particular period.
v) Results from acell PRP become visible and appealing just in a few months after the therapy.
vi) Patients can wash the area with treatment or conditioners within twenty-four hours after the therapy.

Below are those who can undertake Acell PRP injection;

i) Females who suffer from hair loss.
ii) Premature baldness in males.
iii) Alopecia Areata, a condition in both males and females.
iv) Those who suffer hair loss caused by diseases like anemia.

Negative results

i)The scalp becomes tighter during the process, and it might go for a day.
ii) Bleeding may occur around the affected area.
iii) The affected area may be red, and one can experience less pain for an hour or more.

Recovery Rate for Acell PRP Injection

As discussed before, Acell PRP Injection takes less time to recover. Patients can go back to their regular duties a day after the therapy. If they experience pain, they should relax until they are back to their normal conditions.
Specialized doctors for the therapy have been recording a positive recovery rate by the patients. They say that therapy has been more successful as compared to other solutions in hair restoration.

The doctor recommends that you should not apply any chemical or hair coloring substance on the scalp after the therapy to recover faster. If you need a chemical on your hair, then you should do it after seventy-two hours. This will help you avoid various bacteria that might enter the affected area and cause some complications.
The recovery rate of a patient depends on the ability of their skin to fight germs that may cause further complications. Before undertaking the injection, one should consult their respective doctors to know if the process may suit their body. This can help in avoiding various diseases that may come as a result of the PRP acell injection.

Below are people who are not recommended to carry out Acell and PRP injection for hair loss;

i) Those who have certain disorders, e.g., blood pressure.
ii) Those who have bleeding complications.
iii) Pregnant women.
iv) Patients who suffer from blood diseases such as anemia.
v) People who have skin problems and are allergic to this injection.
vi) Patients advised by the specialist doctor not to undergo the PRP cell injection process.

If you don’t fall under the people named above, then you can use this process for hair restoration and be assured of positive results in a short period.


PRP and Acell injection is the most reliable and effective process to use in restoring and preventing hair loss. Before the therapy is done, one should know if his/her body negatively reacts with acell products to avoid any bad reactions.

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