iPhone Screen Repair Shop-Choosing One VS Apple Store

Imagine you just have dropped your phone and it’s no longer under warranty. After that, your phone stopped working or found a crack in the screen. What you will do in such a bad situation. Would you like to take it to an iPhone repair shop; or directly visit the apple store? Most of us think to go toward a repair shop instead of an apple store; if the warranty period is an overdue excess expense.

Certainly, this is an old dilemma for each iPhone user.  Whenever you need to repair a damaged phone you always get confused. Whether you should go towards the apple store or take help from a third-party phone repair center. A third party may be not certified by apple. So before handing over your device to a mobile repairing center; make sure to verify that it is the right iPhone repair center for you and after that give your iPhone to the repair shop.

To solve this difficult task, here we are going to make the situation easy for you. So before taking any decision know about the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Advantages of choosing iPhone Repair Shop

  • If you are going towards repair center instead of Apple store. It may chances you get great bargains. Because third-party centers offer heavy discounts and their repair fees are lower overall. So, for people who don’t want to pay high bills, then these places are usually a better option.
  • We all know, how difficult to find an Apple store at your nearest location sometimes. So a better and easiest option is to look for an iPhone repair center or 3rd party shops.
  • Another advantage of choosing a third-party center; they deeply look into the issue of your phone. Whereas apple stores usually don’t recognize it. Such things are a faulty wifi antenna or a massively damaged iPhone.
  • Here the most important thing is your data. Apple policies remove or erase your data while resolving your device. Despite Phones, repairing centers try to save your valuable data and work.

Disadvantages of Repairing Shops

Along with benefits, there are some disadvantages you can find here.

  • As we discussed above, these centers are not certified by Apple officially. So, possible chances you might face some warranty issues within the given time also. So always prefer to go first to your apple store, if warranty time is left.
  • Often, you see that these stores can make mistakes due to a lack of knowledge. iPhone 8 screen repair debacle is the perfect example to clear it with you. The third party was unable to replace the screen properly. So make sure to fix your expensive gadget at a certified shop or an Apple iPhone repair center.
  • Another negative thing about the third party is they don’t have full access to the apple service toolkit. Even their strategy is also poor if we compare it with Apple Store.

Benefits of Choosing Apple Store

  • Apple store keeps all reliable parts and components of good quality. While 3rd parties use cheaper parts to fix the issue.
  • One of the prettiest advantages of choosing Apple store, they keep trained experts. These technicians have complete knowledge about each component and tool. And these things make it more important to choose an apple store.
  • Upcoming iPhones are technically designed and beautiful cutting edge. But most 3rd party doesn’t have technical knowledge about its whole parts or design. This means you need to take advice from apple professionals; as they have advanced knowledge about advance features like OLED screen or High tech dual cameras.
  • If your device faces any internal damage; then you can get an easy replacement with the help of the apple store. And you will never get this opportunity at any third-party store. Your warranty time might be over. Still, you can make this happen with a little much cost.

The disadvantage of Going to an Apple Store

  • One of the major issues, going to an Apple store is you need to set up an appointment. Whether it’s small damage or a serious issue, everything is worthless without setting a meeting. So before taking your iPhone to an Apple store you need to plan a schedule with Apple. Due to some mail verification, this process can tend to lengthy.
  • Apple devices are too expensive, so it’s obvious that their repair cost is also very high. And they are raising it day by day. But you can fix the same issue at any iPhone repair center at the very lowest price. So, for middle-class people repair with apple stores can be more painful due to heavy costs.
  • On the other side, the Apple store doesn’t give a guaranty of quality, especially in a busy schedule of the year. Apple store can also give your device a failed repair service and disappointing experience.

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