Water, soil, minerals fossil fuel and products from forest, grassland, oceans as well as from agriculture and livestock are all a part of our life supporting system.  when human population was in the leg face i.e., in declining mode, showing slow growth and technology was in its infancy, environment could easily observe human and industrial waste. But with increase in human population and great advancement in technology in the recent past, the waste material has multiplied in amount as well as in kind and this has resulted in contamination of environment.

In scientific language the contamination of environment is called pollution.  It is not the waste alone which pollute the environment, certain useful material also may contaminate the environment. Fertilizers for example- Fertilizers increases the fertility soil, but when they are carried in the water bodies, the pollute the water.

 By polluting the environment man has wiped out many species of wildlife and has posed several other species in the danger of extinction. It is possible that ultimately man himself become a victim of self-created pollution. These environmental pollutions prove more fatal to a person with yoga training and less physical movement. Doing the training of yoga poses is good for your health.

 This adverse human activity also brings about significant changes in the lower atmosphere such as depletion of ozone layer in the stratosphere and global environmental changes due to increase in greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen, sulfuric acid and chlorofluorocarbons in the atmosphere. These global environmental changes are influencing not only water, land resources but also biological diversity and human health. Thus, pollution is an addition or excessive addition of an undesirable material to the physical environment making a less fit and fit for life.

Age people and children are more prone to get affected by environmental pollution.


  • Cause of pollution is man himself. He has polluted the Greenland, water initially provided by nature, this man-made pollution is termed as anthropogenic pollution. This has been cause through overuse misuse and risk management of natural resources to fulfill the man needs.
  • There are also some pollutants that comes from nature itself that is result from volcanic eruption. volcanic eruptions generate numerous quantities of toxic gases and particulate matter in the environment.
  • Pesticides are spray on the crops to protect the soil from pests.  For example – DDT, these pollute the soil causes soil pollution which in turn alter the plant growth and make the crop unhealthy for consumption.
  • Smoke from industries, factories release harmful chemicals which degrade environment.
  • Inorganic waste deposited in the water causes the decrease in oxygen capacity making the water unfit for humans and other animals.


Various pollutants are present in the atmosphere which degrade environment. These include smoke from fire, industries and automobiles, sewage or waste matter from houses and hotels, chemicals from factories and farm runoff, radioactive substances from nuclear plant and atomic explosions and discarded household particles are the common pollutants.

Source of pollution are fossil fuel and industries. coal is largely carbon but contain some incombustible mineral like Sulphur and nitrogen. Petroleum consists mainly of hydrocarbons Sulphur and nitrogen but it also contains lead, burning of fossil fuel produces oxides of carbon, nitrogen and Sulphur.


Environmental pollutants can alter the human health by following ways-

  • The oxides of carbon produced due to burning of fuel causes respiratory problems in human beings.
  • Pollutants enter the human body through food chain alter human health.
  • A person with lack of yoga training and physical exercise is more prone to infections caused by the pollutants present in the environment.
  • It reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of hemoglobin.
  • Carbon dioxide causes nausea and headache.
  • It has a far-reaching effect on climate by causing a phenomena greenhouse effect. carbon dioxide increases in the air give rise to increase in atmospheric temperature. This is very harmful for the human health.
  • Organic material such as pollen, bacteria, feathers produce allergic reactions.  Pollutants also causes asthma, tuberculosis.
  • Dust, smoke and smog causes lung diseases and lung cancer.
  • Pollution also causes irritation of throat and respiratory diseases.
  • It also affects central nervous system and distorts red blood corpuscles and change skin pigmentation.
  • It affects the vital capacity of lungs.
  • The pollutants impair vision and causes blindness.
  • The pesticides in our food, water and air increases the chances of infertility and disrupt hormonal changes.

How an individual can protect himself from these harmful pollutants?

A person with good immune system can have less chances of getting sick by these pollutants. In order to protect himself, an individual have to undergo various physical activities like yoga training and exercises. This increases a person immunity fight against certain infections.

A balance diet with nutritious food full of protein and minerals are very helpful to gain strength.

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