How Our Health Benefits More From RO Water than Water Filter

We are all aware of the impurities that our drinking water carries. It’s no longer a myth that our drinking water alone, without purification, is not safe for consumption. Moreover, drinking pure and freshwater has a lot of health benefits.

Drinking purified water keeps us hydrated enough to keep us cool and collected, and energetic for all our daily works and maintains the health of our gut. It helps us to digest and absorb all the vital nutrients that our body requires for essential function.

Moreover, it helps our skin stay moist. It’s also beneficial to our mental health. Drinking purified water also helps our body to flush out all the impure toxins and wastes.

But consumers have always asked, which is better? A water purifier or a water filter?

Apparently, both are used to filter out the impure elements from water, such as sediments, slits, suspended particles, TDS, and other waste elements. But their effectiveness is very different from each other.

In this article, we will make a comparison between a water purifier and a water filter.

Interchangeability Of Water Purifier And Water Filter

We all know that water is our life, and we need to consume only pure and clean water to sustain and ensure our safe health. Our daily life requires us to consume pure water. Usually, we often confuse the terms of water purifier and water filter. While both are used for the same purpose, i.e., water purification, their features are not the same. They both try to filter the unnecessary elements and retain the essential vitality. But, a water purifier is superior to a water filter in many ways.

Removal Of Impure Elements From Water 

Since both water purifiers and water filters function to remove impure elements, let’s discuss the types of toxic elements they remove.

Water Filter

This mechanism uses a defensive shield known as filters to filter impure water. The filtration process extracts all the impure dust, debris, silt, clay, sediment, suspended particles, and a few dangerous low-from microbiological organisms like bacteria and viruses.

A water filter can also come with carbon filters. They are used to get rid of the bad odor and chlorine in the water. However, these defensive shields have chink in their armor. While they effectively remove heavy solids, hard metals, and other dust and debris, they cannot make the water perfectly pure for drinking purposes. Water filters are not effective against removing dangerous dissolved solids and chemical wastes.

Water Purifier

On the other hand, water purifiers and removing all the impurities mentioned above are also highly efficient in removing excessive minerals, TDS, hard-to-filter heavy metals, and other dangerous chemical impurities from the drinking water.

We all know that the source of our drinking water may have a lot of impurities. The water passes from rusty, old pipes. Therefore, contamination is bound to happen till it reaches our source for drinking purposes. Consuming such dangerous and impure water may lead to certain health-related issues.

Hence, the professionals always recommend choosing the best quality water purifier for the effective purification of water. Even the tiniest toxin can lead to many waterborne diseases.

Purification Level Of Water Filters And Water Purifiers

Water filters provide just a primary form of water filtration. We have identified some of the features of water filters based on their effectiveness. Let’s check them out.

  • The defense mechanism of a water filter provides only basic water filtration
  • It has 2-3 layers of cotton filter layers at the end to provide cleaner water
  • The filters are placed one after the other to ensure that the water passes through each of them
  • All the physical level impurities are extracted and absorbed by those layers of filters
  • Salty water or water with high TDS levels cannot be filtered through this process
  • A water purifier cannot extract chemical impurities 

On the other hand, a water purifier provides a much more effective and sophisticated purification of toxic water with its high-end filtration technique.

Nowadays, with high-tech technological advancement, there are RO+UV, RO+UV+MF water purification filters available. In fact, consumers can check out the Kent RO Service Chandigarh.

The multi-stage filtration technology with its prefilters ( Carbon filters, sediment filters), RO membrane, and post-filter are highly effective against all sorts of impure elements in the water. 

Let’s take a look at some of the features at a glance:

  • Highly effective RO+UV+MF filters offer far better performance than a regular water filter
  • Multi-stage water filtration purifies water from all pollutants
  • Extracts TDS from water
  • After the purification process, a water purifier ensures that the water’s texture, smell, and taste are enhanced
  • Eliminates even the most complex chemical waste
  • Makes every drop of water perfectly safe for consumption.


In the end, there’s a clear distinction between clear water and purified water. A water filter only makes the water clean by extracting the visible impurities and physical compounds. At the same time, a water purifier retains the vital elements and gets rid of all the invisible impurities. 

In addition to this, a water filter needs to be checked manually to change the filter pads. But a modern water purifier has an alert function to warn the user when the filter needs to be changed. In fact, with impeccable services of water purifiers like Kent RO service Chandigarh, it’s far better and safer to install one right away for better and secure health.

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