How Much Does It Cost to Move long distance?

Moving is the least fun experience to deal with. Hold on! I know what you have in mind. Relocating to a new home has always been your dream and how can it be called a boring experience is what you want to ask me. I am not denying this. But what I am claiming is that moving is a costly affair and it requires a lot of tasks to do.

Speaking about the cost, how much does a moving company charge you?

The most challenging part in moving is to give a straight answer to this question. This is because; long-distance company quotes are decided by multiple factors.  

Let’s now see how a moving company calculates moving costs.

Let’s begin with the average moving cost

The average cost to move your home locally is $1,250. The move is interstate, a company will demand approximately $4,890 (a distance of 1,000 miles). Remember that we are discussing estimates that are based on a 2 – 3 bedroom house, where the household belongings will come approximately 7,500 pounds.

What are the factors that decide moving costs?

There is no common menu on moving costs and every company calculates the cost based on many factors. However, there are a few common factors. Let us discuss them here.

The distance you need to cover

Your distance between destination A and destination B along with the fuel cost and other travel expenses plays a crucial role in deciding the moving cost. 

The volume of your belongings

Have you got a lot of stuff? You will need to spend more. This is not just because the time taken will be more, but the shipment is also heavier. For a mover, the cost is greatly based on the volume of belongings you prefer taking o the new home. This means, the lesser you move, the cheaper it becomes. 

The type of packing you want

While moving the home, you need to be highly cautious about the packing type. You need to travel long distance and the packing quality should ensure that your belongings are safe till it reaches the new home. And the mover you hire will consider this part while deciding the cost.

The moving add-ons

On a moving day, the moving company will take up additional services, such as handling a special item or dissembling furniture and reassembling it. However, it will add the cost for additional services to the total moving cost.

Storage services you prefer

Your new home might be smaller in size and you may require additional space to store your belongings safe for a few weeks or months. And the rental will reflect on the total moving company quote

Moving date is crucial

One of the biggest factors that decide the long distance moving company quote is the season you prefer to move. Most people prefer moving home in summer as the days are longer and warmer. However, it is difficult to get discounts and offers on moving quotes in summer and the moving cost will be higher. Instead, the winter is the least preferred time to relocate the house. You’ll get better deals and discounts at this time of the year. So if moving the home on a low budget is your goal, plan your moving in winter. 

The need for coverage

How much you claim, there is risk involved in moving and you need to have coverage for items moved. You can take additional insurance against the household stuff you move but it will get added up to the total moving cost.

Are moving costs deductible?

You need to check whether your moving can claim for a tax deduction. While you donate household items to a charity before or after the move, itemize all belongings and record their current cash value on the donation receipt. It may be possible to can claim a tax deduction and show the receipt as proof. 

And while you are moving on a job purpose, the company can refund the moving cost. However, this is greatly based upon the HR policy and you need to connect with the HR department for the same. 

Does the moving quote cover truck rental? 

While you sign the moving company quote, you need to ensure that the truck is included in it. A few people hire trucks separately and the quote will be cheaper. You need to seriously think about whether the truck needs to be a part of the quote or not.

For a moving company, the quote is highly influenced by multiple factors. And your success falls on how much you could negotiate for a moving quote. And once you agree to a quote, it should not have hidden costs or additional charges. This is your responsibility to ensure before you agree to a quote. Always leave no stones untouched. 

We discuss how a long-distance moving company quote is decided. The different factors that determine the quote are analyzed in detail.

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