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My father loves getting magnetic closure boxes with sweets for family members and friends whenever he goes for a world tour. As kids, we used to gather around the table and guess candy names inside these boxes. Today, my kids get as excited as we used to when my father returns from his tours. I am blessed to live across the lane from my parents’ home. As a single mother, it was a blessing for me. I can work and put in extra hours at the office without having to worry about my kids. Last night, my daughter Bess had to work on a project of listing down the favorite candies and sweets from around the world. I asked her to recall the candies she had eaten from custom magnetic closure boxes before researching the same online. I wanted her to work on her recollection skills, and she did wonderfully.

Custom printed magnetic closure boxes my father bought for his family and friends were as eye-candy as the sweets inside them. They were made of sturdy cardboard. I still use some boxes to store important documents of my kids in these boxes. They remind me of the yummy sweets inside every time I look at them and make me crave more. The optical illusions created on these custom magnetic closure boxes using the Spot UV were eye-catching. The areas treated with Spot UV and the designs created with it remain visible even at night. So, we could figure out where the boxes were in the kitchen without turning on the lights. Many nights I have shared candies with my siblings under the dining table after sneaking into the kitchen.

What is inside the custom magnetic closure packaging boxes

These custom magnetic closure packaging boxes had special candy and sweets from various regions of the world. Some included;

  1. Name of candy – White Rabbit 

Country of origin – China 
 These are milk flavored toffee which are hard at first but turn extremely soft after sucking on them for a while. The first printed packaging of the candy had a Mickey Mouse instead of a rabbit.  The design was edited later.

2. Name of candy – KitKat flavors

Country of origin – Japan

Japan provides more than three hundred flavors to its customers. Some flavors include;

  1. Apple
  2. Brown sugar
  3. Cherry blossom
  4. Green tea
  5. Pudding
  6. Sake
  7. Soy sauce
  8. Wasabi, etc.
  • Name of candy – Rice candy  

Country of origin – Japan

It has a hint of lime taste and is wrapped in an edible rice paper

  • Name of candy – tamarind candy

Country of origin- Thailand

These sweet, sour and savory candies are mouthwatering and readily available in Thailand. It tastes somewhat like a caramelized pear but not completely as it is sour and slightly chilly as well.

Apart from the mentioned sweets chocolate mushrooms from Japan, flavored almonds from South Korea, and Mozart kugel from Austria is also very popular. They come in mesmerizing magnetic closure packaging boxes. The packaging industry all over the world has improved its game. Today the magnetic closure boxes are cardboard-based and more beautiful than they were before.

Order the perfect custom magnetic closure boxes

It is good to get rid of plastic-based custom magnetic closure boxes and switch to cardboard-based custom boxes. It helps improve the health of our planet and save lives. Such options are ideal for green companies. If you are a sweets and candies brand, check out the customized boxes at ClipnBox. This California-based company offers high-quality at affordable rates for business entities of all sizes. Confirm your orders at the soonest to enjoy further discounts.

Magnetic closure boxes are being used widely by businesses for high-quality packaging and product marketing. These boxes are sturdy and can also be personalized with various finishing and product options. We can often use these magnetic boxes in retail stores to send formal, classy, and well-priced gifts to your corporate clients, friends, and family. These boxes can hold a variety of products and most are customizable to include unique items such as jewelry, stationery, and shoes.

Top Retailer Clipnbox

You can choose from hardwood construction or the laminate finish that is becoming increasingly popular among high-end fashion brands and top retailers. Both styles have a hard resin exterior that withstands years of wear and tear and is available in several finishes. Because many of these magnetic style boxes come in a rigid construction, you can order them ready-made according to your specific product specifications and deliver them to your preferred location. It can also purchase these magnetic boxes online from various retailers with a complete assortment of sizes, shapes, colors, and configurations. While many high-end brands use this type of packaging in their packaging, you may not know this unless you speak to your supplier.

While someone still use widely the traditional rigid box throughout the retail industry, introducing magnetic closures has reduced shipping costs. Many major department stores and manufacturers now use magnetic closures in their packaging because they offer a simple but effective way to increase product visibility without increasing product costs. Today’s consumers are looking for products that look great, but that doesn’t break the bank. With the popularity of magnetic closure boxes, you can easily provide the type of packaging that looks great but stays within your budget. You can order your magnetic box(s) today and start increasing your company’s profit levels.

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