Best Email Outreach Tactics To Send Cold Emails

Cold email outreach isn’t a cakewalk, and in 2021, it’s getting harder. There are many reasons your emails getting lost in billions of emails that flooded in a person’s mailbox each day. 

In such a situation, Forgetting your email opened, read, and replied to in one go, can be challenging indeed. Thus, having many well-strategized outreach tactics is a must to stand out with a high lead count.

Here’s a list of proven expert techniques that can inspire your upcoming cold email outreach campaign. Take a look.

Research Your Audience

The first and foremost thing in sending a cold email campaign is reading the minds of your audience. The more you are capable of doing that, the more successful you will be. And this is where most business marketers often falter. 

To get more replies, you need to be very particular and consistent about researching your audience. It involves developing a clear idea about their interests, social media connections, and priorities. 

It will eventually help you build up a relationship that would benefit you at the time of sales. Also, before sending any cold email, make sure to segment your audience and send only relevant emails to them.

Use Personalization

In 2021, personalization is something that never lets you down. Whether it is about gifting or business promotion, personalization is what makes you pass with flying colors. 

Personalization plays a significant role in impressing the other ( the receiver) and develops a sense of responsibility and commitment. 

Thus in cold emails, too, you need to incorporate personalization to make them realize that you value your receiver’s opinion over anything else. 

For example, show them that you’ve invested time reading their website, blog, or other posts and researched quite well before getting in touch with them. 

A gentle mention of a specific comment they made on a post or a similar reaction would be a great way to achieve this and convince them that you are not just up to pushing a product but are also interested in their work. 

Using personalized templates, video clips, and other exciting tools can help you reach your goal to a large extent.

Attract Recipient with First Sentence

Remember, your first impression is your last impression, and like all other things in life, it applies to cold emails. So, it is crucial to ensure that your first sentence of the email is lucrative, fun, and exactly how your audience likes it. 

A bland phrase in the first place fails to capture the eyeballs of the receiver & having your audience read it further is quite a distant dream for sure. Thus, to avoid such things, make sure that the first sentence immediately catches the reader’s attention. 

Always keep your first sentence simple, neat, entertaining without stuffing it with any sales content to keep your recipients hooked.

First Provide The Value 

Providing value, in the beginning, is what people expect from you in the first place since nowadays they are more self-focused. 

Thus, it is essential to make sure that you clear the customer value or benefit first without any untoward or misleading information as it can make you lose a lead instead of gaining it. 

Provide the value first to establish a connection with recipients so that your prospective lead realizes the importance and transforms it into a buying or purchase.

In your first email outreach, don’t ask for sales or subscription. In place of that, provide something precious to your target audience.

Make Your Reply Process Easy

It is interesting to note that even if people spend most of their time on emails daily, it might be such that they are not up to reply to a single email in a day. 

Why? Well, in 92% of the cases, it has been a messy reply pathway. So, if you are one of those expecting to hear from your recipient, make sure that you devise an easy reply process.

Try to ask only one question in your email copy with the minimal option to choose so they can reply to your emails. Once they are interested in your offer, you can start sending follow up emails as per your funnel.

If you bombard them with many questions in one email, they will confuse and not reply to your emails.

It is better to implement a Yes or No option in your first email outreach because it has the highest reply rate as per previous studies.

Final Thoughts

Whether your outreach purpose is when you are up for a cold email. It is essential to incorporate a refined email outreach strategy for a win-win situation to prevail. 

If you are unsure about the complete email outreach process, you can always take help from a digital marketing agency to get your work done.

While it is true that there’s no fixed spoon-feeding technique to accelerate outreach, these strategies are worth giving a try. Also, they have been tested by experts and have been successful all the time.

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