Benefits of a living walls a.k.a. Vertical Gardens in 2021

Living Walls are also called as vertical gardens and they are becoming a popular trend in most of the houses and offices.  These living walls are now becoming an effective solution when it comes to having a sustainable home or office. The green technology is very much beautiful, it helps in creating the ecosystem, contributes to balancing the temperature and other hosts of benefits of a living walls for the people around as well as the environment.

There are various types of living walls available. Few of them consists of simple designs wherein there is a need for support structure to place the climbers and there is other more advanced level in terms of technology wherein the plants are supported in panels and beams. Any of the structures created for a living wall can be considered to be easy to be installed, they are durable and easy in maintenance when it has been installed by a professional.

Let us have a look at few of the benefits of a living walls:

Purification of air

This is a very well-known and famous fact that plants help in absorbing carbon dioxide as well as any other harmful toxins present in the air. In return they provide fresh and clean oxygen. For us, this is an essential thing since we all need clean and fresh oxygen for survival. Due to various advancements, there are a number of pollutants in the air. This makes it very much important for us to have plants around us so that they can take in all of these toxins and clean the air.

The living wall would mean there is a large grouping of various plants. This would help in the process of purifying the air. Living walls reduce the content of dust that is present in the air. In addition, they also contribute in regulating the humidity present in the area where living walls are located. Thus making these living walls an added bonus especially for those individuals who are allergic to dust and suffer from sinus issues.

Reduces mental stress and enhances well-being:

Having greenery around us helps in quickly enhancing the mood. There have been studies that show, being close to green vegetation or plants would lead to an increase in the well-being of the individual. One of the reasons would be due to the primal instincts wherein earlier humankind was living among the natural environment. Though we have all come a long way from being closely attached to nature at one point to now being attached to technology and its various advancements but the need of the body has always remained the same.

Moving into artificial structures has bought us more stress and tensions, hence in such times being close to nature or having plants around us would help in uplifting the mood instantly. The concept of living wall would mean bringing nature closer to mankind. The presence of nature near us is slowly getting distant however with this concept of living walls, that element is coming back again. Plants or vegetation is known to have a positive impact on our minds and bodies. It provides us more clarity as well as calmness. Presence of living walls around would help us to stay calm and meditative thus changing our overall well-being. Living walls are ideal to be kept at home as well as in offices.

A small space seems larger:

If you go in for any type of living wall, it is sure to provide you with a rich sense of texture when it comes to the space where the living wall has been located. This rich kind of texture tends to create more depth and in a way it leads to expanding the actual space in the room. The multiple layers of flowers and leaves that are present on the living walls tend to cover a larger surface region without actually taking up too much of dimensional space.

So in a way, the presence of living wall in any space tends to create an illusion that the room is much bigger than what it is. The living walls seems to be a growth of vegetation which at times can seem to be giving a jungle effect. Thereby it creates an illusion that the living wall is actually hiding a bigger expanse behind it. Hence for those looking to make their small space look bigger can surely try out the living wall décor option.

Reduces noise pollution:

We all are aware that apart from absorbing the toxins present in the air, plants also absorb the sound waves created in the surrounding thereby reducing the noise pollution. This technique of having plants to absorb sound is used in most of the countries wherein trees are planted alongside the roads especially the busier roads for this kind of effect. This very idea can also be taken into an office or a home environment with the help of living walls. Plants basically prevent the low-frequency noise from passing through. In houses or offices wherein, you have this structure present and especially when it is extending in a vertical form of structure then it can prevent the noise between rooms and also the outside noise. You can make use of this architectural design in the porches or the patios to drowning the city noise.

Brings live to walls:

One of the main benefits of a livings wall that cannot be overlooked is that living walls instantly brings life to the wall where it is kept. The textures as well as the colours that are provided by the living wall is not something which can be easily copied from the other artificial decors. The living wall can be mentioned as a timeless beauty especially when you take care of it in a proper manner. Living walls can be considered as an ideal solution for those homes which look dull or drab. It is also a great wall to hide that wall of the house which has worn out. For those areas in the office that are large and also difficult to decorate, then, getting living walls would be a good option. It can work its trick and instantly brightening up the wall.

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