Balding: The signs and its prevention before getting bald

Have you seen someone with no hair on their scalp? As a matter of fact, their scalp is shiny with no traces of hair. Do you know at some point the particular person had hair on his bald head? Now you know! It is normal for some people to lose their hair from the scalp each day. Yes, that is normal as everyone losses about 50 to 100 hairs each day. However, if you get hair thinning or shedding faster than normal, you may end up becoming bald. Always know you are not alone in this, especially as people get old, they tend to lose a lot of hair. Usually, as we lose hair, there is new hair growth, but this does not happen to many people in their old age.

In most cases, balding is associated with the natural process of old age, and genetics. However, in other instances, balding may come as a result of a medical condition, stress, depression, and so on. It is important to have a background check to be sure of what is leading to the loss of hair in your hair.

Understanding balding

The excessive loss of hair from your head is what causes balding. In short, it is a situation where your scalp doesn’t have any more hair growing. Balding is a term mostly used to refer to androgenetic alopecia in the hair loss pattern in both men and women.

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Like many old people, the pattern of baldness doesn’t take place overnight. It is a gradual process for many people, both men, and women. Androgenetic alopecia is what leads to baldness. It is a condition that is associated with genetics, aging, and male hormones known as androgens. 

The genes of a person play a role in predisposing factors for androgenic alopecia, which likely affects enzymes that work in the conversion of the testosterone to the DHT (dihydrotesterone). The increase of the DHT makes the follicles sensitive to it such that it shrinks. The anagen phase becomes short, leading to hair fallouts happening earlier than usual.

Women do not undergo a receding hairline. Rather they experience hair thinning all across the top scalp. This leads to the manifestation as the hair part widens. This is typical female pattern of baldness taking place for the women gender.

Prevention of balding

 Use of foams and lotions

For men, the minoxidil works well for men who avoid taking pills yet want to prevent loss of their hair. A little disadvantage is that you do not need any kind of prescription. Seemingly, it enlarges your hair follicles which in turn stimulates the growth of hair. At the same time, researchers do not understand how about 7 to 10 men regrow back their hair back. But you need to be patient enough to get great results. This will take about four months or so. It causes irritation on the skin though it works. Other side effects of this preventive measure are itchiness, flakes, and redness. It is sensitive to the skin because, for some men, foam formulation may be painful.

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Pills to prevent losing hair

The presence of finasteride blocks the enzymes that change the testosterone into the DHT, a hormone known to cause male pattern baldness. It works by thinning the hair of a man who has acquired the baldness genes from their family line. This will make it shrink as the sensitive follicles cannot grow hair anymore. This pill lowers the rate of hair loss by 90% though many of them make it to regrow hair. Together with the minoxidil, finasteride acquires better results. It doesn’t matter whether you incorporate using both at once or each at a time; the important thing is to follow the treatment directive.

The actions to take to stop losing hair

Once you notice hair loss and want to stop, the best way to do it is by blocking the NHT hormone. This hormone causes hair loss, and the above method is the best to eliminate it.

Another effective way of treating hair loss is using the reductive inhibitors designed to stop the loss of hair. It means if you begin taking them early, you have a high chance of preserving your hair.

 While it is not possible to prevent balding that results from genes, you can reduce the risks that other hair loss types cause by employing these tips.

Loosen your hair– hairstyles that are tight in the like braids and ponytails can damage the hair follicles, which may result in hair loss.

Limit heat damage– straighteners and other curling tool may lead to damage to the hair’s root, which may end up leading to hair loss.

Massage your scalp– scalp massages may enhance hair growth. But avoid overdoing it since constant rubbing and physical; stress on the head may affect your hair follicles.  

Cooling cap– if you are undergone chemotherapy, this one will help you to reduce hair loss after treatment.

Switch medication– your current medication may cause balding; if that is the case, it is good to ask the doctor about the alternative on the same.


Most of the time, the androgenetic alopecia leads to balding. And this is more common in men than it is in women. In men, it is known as male pattern baldness, while for women, it is known as female pattern baldness. In both, balding appears as a fair predictable matter. That means if you are concerned about balding, it is advisable to talk to your doctor for a solution that is the best suited for you as an individual. It is only a doctor who can recommend the right medication or procedure that will treat or, better yet, lower your hair loss. If you know about the hair transplant cost or anything related to hair transplant, then you can check Beverly hills hair restoration.

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