A Complete Guide On Rotameter and How Does it Work?

The most important thing you are supposed to know is that this kind of machine normally uses the principle of the upthrust force. The force of the gravity and the fluid normally exert the upthrust force. It is also important for you to know that the force of the immersed object is the same as the weight of the liquid that is displaced by the object. This is according to the research that was done by a group of the scientist. You should know that this is one of the most common formulas applied on the rotameter in the world. Today am going to show you how a rotameter normally works.

You should know how the rotameter normally works

As for how you have seen, a rotameter is a form of the variable area that always has the simplest operation. This means that a given liquid or any type of gas is allowed to pass through a tapered tube. You need to know that before this type of gas to pass in a given tube, it should be first raised and float held within the tube. This is because a rotameter will only use the velocity of the raised liquid to calculate the buoyancy of the given liquid.

What happens on the gas?

It’s important for you to know that with certain or given gas, the buoyancy is always negligible. This always makes the float move above most parts due to the velocity head of the gas. The most important thing you are supposed to know is that the greater the flow leads to the higher the tube floats move. This will always lead to the result of the tapered tube in proportion to the flow rate. You should also know that this will always lead to an increase in the differential pressure across the float will also decrease. You need to know that the given rotameter will always stabilize when the weight of the float is in equilibrium with the upward force that is being pulled by the given fluid or gas.

What normally happens to the calibrated scale?

rotameter is always fixed with the scale that is normally used to provide some readings. You should know that a float would always be compared to the calibrated scale. In addition, this is always either printed on the tube itself or is normally placed on the tube outside the flow meter. The important thing you are supposed to understand is that the calibrated scale will always give a volumetric flow reading. The special units commonly used are very important for you to know them and understand how to use them. Those readings, for example, are as follows liter per minute PLM.

 It would help if you understood how rotameter is constructed

rotameter always has a tapped tube with a small bottom diameter. This tube is always designed to give the constant drop across the float with usually a corresponding cross-sectional area. It would help you also understood that its conical tube is always made up of glass, metal, or sometimes some of them are made of plastic materials. The one, which is always made of glass, used for gas and liquid. At the same time, those that are made up of metals are normally used for opaque liquids. The most important thing about the rotameter is that its float is normally made up of metals, which are of different densities. However, you know that most of the floats are normally made of stainless steel material.

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It is always good for you to know how the rotameter is calibrated

You need to fill the storage tank as the first procedure. The second thing you are supposed to do is to open the bypass valve. However, it helps if you remembered to shut the valve of the rotameter. You should also have the stopwatch that you are supposed to record when the water starts to fill the measuring tank. For accurate measurement, you should repeat the procedure several times at different flow positions.

It is always important for you to know how to select a rotameter

It helps if you always looked at the accuracy of the rotameter. Your rotameter should be selected at the minimum and maximum flow rate for the flow meter. It should be good for the maximum and minimum temperatures. You need to select the rotameter that is of good size according to your application since they normally occur in different sizes.


It is good for you to do know some of the applications of the rotameter and different processes that are applied by this type of machine. It would help if you always considered the accuracy level of measuring that your rotameter can measure. 

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