7 Ways Mobile Marketing Can Help Your Startup Business Grow

We can’t deny that mobile devices have become a part of our everyday living. As of now, almost 3.7 billion people around the world have their own smartphones. If you’re running a business, you can tap as many people as you like with just a single post.

That’s why learning more about mobile marketing is imperative for startup business owners who’d like to take their marketing efforts up a notch in today’s digital era.

Mobile marketing refers to any advertising activity that promotes products and services using mobile devices. It includes promotions sent through SMS text messaging, email, and social media posts. Unlike traditional marketing, mobile marketing is cheaper and handier than the traditional way of marketing. Besides, you can do it yourself!

So if you’re a start-up business or just a newbie in the digital marketing world, here are 7 mobile marketing tips for you! 

1. Know your location

Let the people nearby know your business very well. But before that, you should know them first. Engaging posts that people can easily relate to may encourage them to check out what you’re offering. If you’re a food establishment near schools, have a section on your website that offers student meals and discounts. It’s also a great opportunity if your target market adheres to your plan.

Reviews from the locals are very important for tourists and people from far places. They wouldn’t risk buying from a faraway place if they’re not pleased with the reviews or if the business doesn’t have any reviews, to begin with. 

2. Mobile-friendly content

If you already have a website or are still planning to have one, make sure it’s mobile-friendly. Some websites that don’t adapt to mobile features tend to lose customers so you should customize it depending on what you offer.

The content should not be text-heavy so include pictures and infographics to improve readability. Tabs and categories should be well-organized too. Remember that it’s easier to scroll on mobile devices so the posts should be on-point but still engaging and optimized for various devices.

3. Great customer service

Having great customer service can help you boost your brand. Immediate responses to customer inquiries will also help you gain loyal customers. They will be pleased to know that you’re just a chat away. For inquiries, you can ask them if they want to receive updates about the product or service they’re asking about and other related items.

For reviews, let your customers speak up their minds. In this way, you’ll know how to improve the service you’re providing. It’s one of the perks of digital marketing.

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4. Boost your ads

You’ll reach a bigger demographic in no time. Plus, according to Statista (2021), around 55.4% of consumers bought something online this January. If you have an ad or two that has been spreading throughout the internet, you’ll have a chance to encounter customers from different places. A simple ad boost can go a long way.

Aside from pictures, GIFs and videos are also helpful in attracting and amusing customers. Have featured products that will entice them to learn more about, and let them know that you’re their best option.

5. Smooth transactions

Every customer wants to have a hassle-free purchase. For some, buying something online is a relaxing thing to do so don’t give them a hard time. Make sure that customers can see updates about their orders from the “add to cart” process to the moment they receive their orders. Don’t forget to add a survey form so that you can assess how things are going.

6. Go on a sale every once in a while

Give your customers a reason to celebrate with you. Every once in a while, have a sale or give them a coupon. It won’t cost you a lot because coupons are just electronic and you don’t have to print them into physical copies. People tend to buy something when celebrating so you should just give them a nudge. Try personalizing these coupons depending on their needs to attract them even more. 

You should also join holiday sales. During the Christmas season, people go ultimate shopping so help them decide what they want.

7. Other means of communication

Although email is used in spreading information, you should also join other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or you can even create your own app. You don’t need to sign-up for all of them, just analyze what you need. 

Try text messaging too since it’s mostly embedded in all phones. Some customers may get annoyed by receiving a lot of messages so be careful when sending notifications. In this case, have a one-time query if they want to receive updates from your store.

Now you’re all set, it’s time to create a marketing plan through your mobile phone! Got any more tips to guide a start-up business through mobile marketing? Just comment your answers below.

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