6 Surprisingly Effective ways to Wine Boxes

Wine is a fascinating beverage that is consumed worldwide. It is available in many flavors and tastes. It is also used as an antidote against cold weather and flu. It is a refined drink that is mainly used on occasions and events. Despite warnings about alcohol, there is no decrease in the purchase of this drink. It has an increasing demand day by day in the international market. Due to the high demand for wine, the packing rate for it is also increasing.

Packaging a product is necessary as it keeps the product safe and attractive and heightens its visibility among many other wines in the shop. Custom wine boxes are the best way to represent your wine in the market or to the customers. Custom boxes advertise your product without any extra budget and hassle. It is imprinted with necessary information about the company and product, which is helpful for the customer and company in the future. It specifies the essential details on wine boxes, warning of handling the boxes, and company contact information to build a communication bridge between the company and the customer. There are different types of wine boxes available in the market, preferably carton materials on massive packaging. There are different types of carton material available in the market, such as paperboard, corrugated/kraft, bux board material, rigid board material. Paperboard is a thin material that is light in weight and is not suitable for heavy products. It is mainly used as the secondary packaging of cereals boxes or biscuits.

Bux board and rigid board material are very thick and robust materials used in the packaging of perfumes, mobiles, jewelry, etc.

Corrugated /kraft material is a thick material that is sturdy, robust, and can hold heavy products in packaging. It is eco-friendly, which makes it more consumable than other products. Corrugated material is mainly used in the packaging of wine boxes for transportation and shipment. Wine boxes wholesale is an easy way to attract customers attraction.

Different Types of Packaging in Wine Bottles.

Wine has its containers which are various in numbers. such as

Canned wines.

These cans are thin steel cans, just like beer cans. They are highly customizable, and you can easily imprint them with your company logo and other attractive designs. Wine in a can is likely to be more strange to some people, but manufacturers and wine company owners have started to like this idea, and many have started working on them.

Cardboard Wine Bottles.

A time back, Cardboard bottles were used to pack wine, especially red wine, as it keeps its freshness intact and refreshing. With time, glass bottles have taken the place of aluminum bottles. This is because glass is cheaper than aluminum bottles and is easy to manufacture on massive production.

Tetra Pack

Tetra pack packaging is just like juice box packaging having six or more layers of protection. The layers help to save the wine from ultraviolet lights or direct sunlight. These tetra packs also protect the wine from moisture, germs, etc.

Different Styles in Box Packaging of Wine Bottles

Plastic bags with valve

These bags are inserted inside plastic or carton packaging, and the customer needs to open the valve and pour it into the glass. It is easy, comfortable, and is available in different attractive and colorful packaging. Custom printed wine boxes have made marketing and advertising easy and hassle-free. It has given the manufacturers various options in designing, measurements, and colors.

Flip-top wine boxes

These boxes have a sturdy base and are rigid enough to hold and protect the glass bottles intact in their places. There are easy flip panels on the top, making it easy and inserting the bottles into the box. Moreover, there are insertions of foam or carton material shapes to keep the wine bottles intact in there places so that it does not get damaged during transportation or shipment.

Slipcase boxes

These boxes have a unique design that is easy to use and stylish. It is a decent design that gives the customer a priority feel. It is a rigid board material that has two parts. One part acts as a cover, and the second one can be slipped outside the box like a drawer. The inner box is designed so that it holds the wine bottle intact to protect it during transportation.

People in the market use different techniques and methods to make their product visibility enhance and visible. It is the only way to stay unique in the market and your product recognized on every platform. Custom packaging has its ways to heighten the product and make it get recognized on every platform. It can also help you make your mark on an international level without any extra budget and advertising. It affects the sales ratio and the attributes of your company.


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