1600mm Shower Bath – A Standard Bath with Modern Features

1600mm Shower Bath – A Standard Bath with Modern Features 

The 1600mm shower bath is a combination of dual functionalities that include both shower and bath facilities in one unit. In today’s world, we often have lack time. We all have to get ready and rush to the workplace on time every morning. And even a few counts matter a lot. However, in the evening we may have a bit of time to relax after coming back home. For most of the brits, showering or bathing every day is part of the daily routine. Many people want to freshen up themselves before getting on to work and relaxing baths in the evening. So, they can have a sound sleep at night. 

That means you will need a shower in the morning as it takes less time and a bath in the evening. Practically, these both are two separate utilities. Since the space in most of UK households is limited, people often struggle to make a choice between them. However, the manufacturer has come up with a perfect solution to this problem that is a shower bath that also allows you to have a shower at the same time.

What is 1600mm Shower Bath      

1600mm shower bath

The 1600mm shower bath has gained popularity in the last few years. As discussed earlier, due to fast-paced life, the shower was quickly taking over long relaxing baths. However, when people were restricted into their homes due to the covid-19 lockdown. It was realized how much relaxing a long bath session could be. Thus, they were trying to find an option where they don’t have to sacrifice one over the other due to limited space.  So, it is a kind of bathtub design that is the best of both worlds.

The Design of the 1600mm Shower Bath           

The major difference between a standard bath and a shower bath is its design. To make it useable for showering purposes, it’s one end straight while the other usually has p, I, or any other shape. The purpose of creating such a shape is to create enough room for standing during the shower. Although there are straight shape shower baths available too, most people, they opt for such shapes for a more spacious shower experience. 

The Material of 1600mm Shower Bath     

The 1600mm shower bath are available in various materials. Each of them has its pros and cons. You should know about it before making a choice of the tub. These may include Acrylic, enamel steel, fiberglass, iron cast, etc. All these are available in the market with different price ranges. Among these, acrylics is most commonly used nowadays. It is durable, lightweight, and economical. However, if you are looking for some luxurious stuff, then you may consider iron, fiberglass or ceramic shower baths. They are highly comfortable but costs considerably higher than Acrylic. In addition, that all of these materials are heavier. Your decision should be based on the type of look you want to create in the bathroom. 

Different types of Showers

  • Bi-fold shower door: it saves space as it is opened inwards.
  • Pivot shower door: This, on the other hand, opens into your bathroom.
  • Quadrant enclosures: This is curved and made to fit the corners of the bathroom.
  • Walk-in shower: If you want a larger space when taking a bath, a walk-in shower is a perfect option for you
  • Steam shower cabin: If you have money to spare and would love to enjoy your shower more, steam
  • Sliding shower door: This is, most of the time, large and perfect to replace the bathtub walls.

The Costs of the Bathtub.

1600mm shower bath

The budget is an important matter when it comes to the installation of the bath. Whether you are going for a full makeover or just looking to replace a shower with a shower bath or vice versa, it is important to have a certain figure in your mind. The costs highly depend on the material of the bathtub. Therefore, you may see a huge difference between acrylics and other materials. If you want to go for a standard bath, then you must consider around 200 pounds as the price, excluding shipping and installation costs. 

Do you want to Buy a 1600mm shower bath?   

In this article, we had a discussion on different features of a 1600mm shower bath. We have considered its designs, material, and costs associated with it. It is a standard-size bath that offers both shower and bath facilities to the users. With its size, it can easily fit into a common UK bathroom. At Royal Bathroom UK, we have an extensive range of bathroom fittings and fixtures available at lower prices. All of our staff is fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and fully complies with the SOPS to keep everyone safe around them. If you have not yet got a vaccination, you should do so asap.

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