10 different types of exotic flowers around the world

Exotic flowers are flowers that can survive in a new region or ecosystem. Florists usually plant them in the non-native area to make them dominant and get familiarized with the climatic change of the part. The flowers adapt very fast with a beautiful bloom that attracts many people.


Amaryllis is a type of exotic flower that comes in different colors like orange, pink, white, salmon, roses, etc. These flowers usually do well in winter. The origin countries of amaryllis are islands, the Caribbean, and South Africa, but they can also grow and develop in other countries except for Antarctica.

Amaryllis are always a sign of strength, pride, self-confidence, beauty, and determination. They have lovely wide blooms that attract many people, especially in winter.


Lotus is a type of exotic flower that signifies rebirth, enlightenment, self-generation, and purity. Florists cultivate these flowers in many different countries in the eastern part of the world. You also find them in the northern and central parts of India, where they usually do well. In Buddhism and Hinduism, lotus are sacred priests who typically use that on different occasions.

The flowers grow in muddy and wet areas where they can adapt within a shorter time. These exotic flowers are pollination resistant since they don’t allow any pollination to occur; instead, they purify internal water that helps them grow.

Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley usually blossoms in spring, where they signify humility, happiness, purity, luck, and virtue. They do well in woodland areas, where they bloom in white bell-shaped flowers with a sweet scent. Many people use these flowers on wedding occasions, having considered their meanings and attractiveness.

Birds of paradise

Birds of paradise is a type of exotic flower that many florists consider on anniversary occasions. Its other name is strelitzia. This flower grows in South Africa with a fantastic and stunning look. In case of a statement giving to your loved ones, you can consider this exotic flower in your gift arrangements.

Birds of paradise have orange sepals and blue petals, which are always bright. The petals have a sweet scent and some water, which contains sugar. It also blooms with green and redbuds inside the sepals. Many people use this exotic flower to show success, freedom, royalty, optimism, magnificence, and faithfulness.

Tulip flowers

Tulip is a type of exotic flower that symbolizes royalty, endurance, love, abundance, and prosperity. This flower from the species Liliaceae has become much more common than other flowers like the rose. If you want to win someone’s heart through love and affection, then consider sending them a bouquet of tulip flowers.

Tulip flowers are also suitable when designing various flower arrangements for occasions like weddings. They bloom in different colors like pink, white, yellow, etc. They originated from Turkey but are commonly grown in Holland.


Hyacinth is a type of exotic flower that comes in many colors like white, purple, red, and yellow. Its original native land is in Eastern Mediterranean and Turkey due to the availability of a warm climate. Florists commonly plant these flowers in Holland, but you can see them in UK gardens.

Hyacinth symbolizes sorrow and grief but is associated with sports in most Eastern Mediterranean countries. You should consider giving your loved one an athlete or a footballer this flower to make them happy.

Calla lilies

Calla lily is a type of that is always beautiful with vibrant green leaves and mainly grows in South Africa. These exotic flowers are simple and easy to maintain, so many people use them in gifting their loved ones.

Florists usually recommend these flowers for anniversary occasions due to the sweet attractive scent and great blossom. They also use these exotic flowers in arranging wedding bouquets since there are various colors to choose from, like pink, black, white, purple, and yellow.


Orchids are types of exotic flowers that have many species such as cascade orchids. They have no specific season since they usually grow throughout the year, meaning that anyone can plant and maintain them for the brightness of their rooms, houses, or homes.

Orchids require less temperature for their growth and maintenance, and they come in a variety of colors like pink, yellow, and white


Anthuriums are exotic flowers that florists use in arranging different flower bouquets. They have other names like boy flower, painter’s palette, painted tongue, etc. The anthuriums usually signify wealth, happiness, protection, hospitality, and good luck.


Protea is a national exotic flower in South Africa and has a historical origin in Gondwana. The splitting of the continent has made protea spread in different parts of the world. Florists recommend this type of exotic flower mainly for wedding occasions. Conclusion Exotic flowers are particular types of flowers that grow in different parts of the world. Their adaptive feature influences many florists to cultivate and sell them to various people since they can develop even in native lands.

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