What are some creative wedding planning ideas?

Why cease for a simple wedding, let’s plan for something bizarre element in your big day. Instead of using the old method, try to add a little bit of taste of flamboyance and fanciness. For enthusiastic couples, these quirky ideas are the perfect sign for a trendy wedding. Let everyone stand out with their corsage; also show them how special your wedding is to you. You can also hire the best wedding planner in Delhi NCR, who can add colorful wedding ideas.

Along with the wedding stage & entertainment, unique decoration and catering could be seen on your day. A little imagination with creative thought with your planner; and you are all set for an innovative wedding theme. Don’t worry you can make this happen in your budget too.

Here are a few eye-catching ideas, which will inspire you for having a fascinating and perfect wedding or event planning.

Tree seating Chart Including (Family & Friends)

Figure out a seating chart of yours including your partner. These will show a great sign of your relationship in front of your guests. While having dinner; you can have a conversation about how you’re connected. This will be a great idea for those who never met and create a friendly environment. Get to view something more here last night of freedom.

First Paper dance

Your first couple dance on the floor can be one of the best highlights of your wedding. So get ready to add this extra romantic touch and make some unforgettable moments. Showering fresh flower petals during your dance performance makes it more special. For this, your musician and florist can combine their team to make this happen. And don’t forget to arrange staff for cleaning at the end of the performance.

Hot Air Balloon Ride for Guests

If you are looking to shuttle your guest for your wedding ceremony; make the journey cool by adding differently style transportation. Give this a new height by renting hot air balloon transportation. For extra flair, you can add music or a decking system. This is a perfect idea for those who are planning for an outer state wedding; so get in touch with a destination wedding planner in Delhi.

Differently Served Cocktail

Nothing can be more exciting than grabbing your guest’s attention. So, why don’t serve them a cocktail in a one-of-a-kind fashion once they arrive? Stand your waiters at the door with colorful trays in hand; ready to welcome guests at the entrance. You can also arrange a bar to make it more attractive and special.

Groom’s Cake with Creativity

Why don’t add a delicious idea with the help of the right cake baker? You can also make an order for more than one picture on the cake. This idea will show a different style of your swag. Along with also try to keep ice cream, donuts, and chocolates.

A Pretty Girl with Flower

Are you looking for something new and unique style on your wedding day? Then a little girl carrying a flower bucket is the perfect idea for your special day. Nothing can be much cuter and a different style than this. Alternatively, bring a classic twist on this tradition; after having the little girl with a dyed flower petal dress and a crown on her head.

Eclectic Menu for Guests

Add a menu on serving food from a different culture; make this elegant buffet a unique way to satisfy a variety of palates. Also, let your caterer combine your and your partner’s options into the ideal wedding meal. These diverse menus are going to be perfect for your food day including snacks, desserts & breakfast. Numerous luxury wedding planners in Gurugram can provide you more brilliant ideas.

Add a map & Memorable Location

If you are looking for a destination wedding then add a map of the area to your invitation card. This will be easy for your guests to reach their final destination. Also, add something special about that location that will make it more memorable after your wedding.

Ribbon Wands

Simple to make and less messy than confetti, ribbon wands can be made in any color and fit with any theme, they can be displayed all together as a feature too. An easy craft to do at your hen party perhaps?

Dress Code

Dress is one of the most essential things at a wedding. Everyone should keep an eye on the newly bride and groom’s dress. The dress should be unique and trendy. Besides all of this, it should be eye-catchy. You can also make a dress code for guests, then it will be great. As everyone will appear in selected dresses.

Palki Ride

Give a royal touch to your bridal entrée? Enter like a queen in a palanquin or palki carried by your relatives like brothers or cousins. This would make many great memories and would be memorable for you and your guests forever.

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