Top 5 treks in Himachal Pradesh – The Snowland

Himachal Pradesh a state in India blessed with abundant beauty surrounded by the Himalayas the tallest mountain range. This state is filled with the color of happiness and in winters most of the part is covered with white cotton which attracts most of the tourists. The rich culture and unique flora and fauna make it a must-visit place for the tourist. The forest of Pine, Silver Oak, Deodar, and Birch give Himachal Pradesh a rich verdure environment, the rivers: Beas, Chenab, Ravi, Satluj, and Yamuna flowing through the cities of Himachal is just an astonishing view. There are varieties of adventure activities organized for the visitors. The famous activity which is almost on the top of the bucket list of every traveler and nature lover is trekking. Some of the top treks of Himachal Pradesh are. 

  1. Hampta Pass : The best of all trek in Himachal Pradesh which tops the list is Hampta pass. A five day trek consists of the most alluring landscape, peaks covered with snow and capture the postcards on the path of your trek. This trek is the perfect choice for the one to enjoy the thrilling experience of stream crossing and sit alongside the beautiful wildflowers beside Chandratal lake. Trek becomes more of an adventure as soon as you meet the need to cross the snow bridges. This trek is just an amazing location with the amazing weather for those who are experiencing the trekking for the initial time.

Hampta Pass adventure trek will take you to the valley of wildflowers, alpine Meadows of conifer forest, rock walls, amazing waterfalls, snow-white glaciers, and a lot more. The trail takes you to the lush green valleys of Kullu. Hampta Pass serves as a balcony view to a different new world while crossing the pass you see the Lahaul Valley deserts all surrounded by mountains.

Take the Hampta Pass Trek for a splendid route that will lead you to the heart of the Himalayas. One of the most beautiful and easy treks in Himachal, the Hampta Pass Trek takes you through varied landscapes from green meadows, pristine rivers to glacial valleys and imposing Himalayan ranges. This guided trek along the Hampta Pass circuit is ideal for budget travellers looking for a cost-effective trek in the Himalayas! 

  1. Deo Tibba Base Camp : A trek alongside the glaciers of Jagatsukh and mini Chandratal lake. To enjoy the mesmerizing view of some amazing peaks of Himachal Pradesh such as Indrasan Peak, Inderkilla Peak and Deo Tibba peak at the altitude of 6,000 feet. This trek is fully flooded with verdure nature all around. The place is known for its medicinal properties used to cure fever, stomach ache and even skinny feet. This trek brings out the pleasure to walk through the dense jungle, admiring the unique flora and fauna. Considering everything this place is a perfect match for the beginners to test the ability of trekking at the six day staggering trek of Himachal Pradesh.
  1. Buran ghati : Trekking is all about experiencing new adventures and the best of all is camping by the side of nature’s creation. Buran ghati is one of the best camping sites with a view of pristine beauty as this newly discovered trail is about 8 day long and is also one of the top trekking destinations in Himachal Pradesh. This trek is famous because of its natural treasures spread all over the trail whether it would be a waterfall at Chandrahan, meadows of Dayara Bugyal, mountain pass from Dhunda or the snow wall at Buran Pass and the view get more scenic by the effect of pines tree surrounding the place. Buran Ghati gives you a perfect view to a perfect location for camping and trekking.
  1. Pin Parvati Pass : Village of Kasol and Spiti are two most of the renowned villages of Himachal where this famous trek, Pin Parvati Pass Trek which begins from Pulga village of Kullu, Kasol and concludes at Mud Village of Spiti. This trek considered to be one of  the difficult and challenging trek in Himachal situated at the height of 17,380 feet and makes it an exciting trail for the tourists which holds up surprises at every turn on the trek, this trek is full of adventure and difficult challenges which will led you to push your physical abilities to covered this amazing trail with a insightful view where you will get a chance to witness the tree line disappearing into savanna and of wildflowers and scruff of shrubs and the contrasting deserted mountains and experience the adoption of green paradise to barren mountains of spiti for traversing 78 km on foot and spent the best 10 days of your life in the lap of Himalayan range. 
  1. Friendship Peak : Trekking is an enchanting and overwhelming experience and it adds up flavour when the view consists of three peaks of the Himalayas,Pir Panjal and the Dhauladhar altogether covered with white cotton and soaked in the form of Friendship peak. This trek is difficult because it is at the altitude of 17,352 all you need is to be fit and good stamina to conquer the high range of Friendship peak and experience lot of snow and picturesque view of several other peaks like Hanuman Tibba, Shitidhar and Indra Asan. 

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