Is it possible to destroy mold with UV light?

  • To detect various biological materials at crime scenes
  • In hospitals for sterilizing medical equipment
  • Used in air purifiers to filter contaminants from the air
  • Medical Treatments for various skin related, vitamin D deficiency and other disorders
  • Used in HVAC systems to reduce mold and mildew buildup.
  • Disinfection for bacteria and viruses through disinfectant machines
  • Drying and curing different materials like coatings and inks
    Skin Tanning purposes
  • Fluorescent inspection by the dentist
  • Water purification systems

Ultraviolet light is placed in a UV lamp and used for various applications. If used correctly, it can quickly kill mold by a targeted dose without even using any additional chemicals.

Moldy Molds, What are they?

Every type of mold is harmful, especially if it gets into your home or factory. Usually, a few molds are harmless unless mold spores touch wet surfaces and grow. That way, they can become very harmful for any home or business setting. If it spreads, anyone in the vicinity can inhale it and cause a wide range of health problems. That is also the main reason services like Mold Air duct cleaning Smyrna GA exist.

Is it Possible to Kill Mold with UV Light?

 UV light is used to disinfect the medical and surgical equipment. If Using UV light correctly, it is possible to kill mold, mildew, and a range of additional pathogens quite easily. . As mentioned earlier, the primary use of UV light is for microbial decontamination for air purification, water treatment, and other medical purposes.

UV light, most commonly referred to as black light, can disinfect the whole area if the lamp’s light blankets are used. Although manual cleaning methods can get rid of mold, these methods are time-consuming and ineffective. The intensity of light and its effectiveness is directly proportional. It is how UV light in Smyrna, GA, kills mold and associated germs.

How Does UV Light Kill Mold?

UV light produces electromagnetic radiations that can work as a disinfectant that penetrates through organisms hence killing the mold. If the light is placed and can send short wavelengths, these will kill most of the mold cells, while the remaining will ultimately die out since they will not reproduce. This way, ultraviolet light is very effective at keeping mold from spreading and killing them effectively.
 Most Mold Air duct cleaning Smyrna GA uses UV light for destroying the mold.

Steps to Kill Mold with UV Light effectively.

Step 1:

First, you have to obtain a UV-C lamp, which is available in many types and sizes depending on a range of needs. Once you get the required light, you have to identify all the surfaces that could allow the mold to live or spread around your home or business.

Step 2 : 

Once that’s determined, place the UV-C lamp about 2 inches away from the mold. But make sure every other light source in the room will need to be turned off. It includes all light that may still be coming from any doors or windows.

Step 3:

Now, leave the room for 1 to 2 hours, and after that, This should eliminate the mold.


When UV light is on, do not look directly into the light, as it can negatively affect your eyes. However, you can use special UV protection glasses instead of regular ones. Finally, make sure to wear protective gloves when you handle the UV bulb after use, as it may be hot and can damage your skin on contact.

Is UV Light Effective in Killing Mold?

UV Light in Smyrna, GA, is super effective when killing mold, although it takes some time. When the light penetrates mold cells damaging their nucleic acids, which takes around 1 or 2 hours. However, two other standard methods can kill mold in your home:

Cleaning Manually

For manual cleaning, you need to combine water with some chemical, which usually is bleach. Each mold should be taken care of using this method, which is a very time-consuming and exhausting process. It’s pretty easy also to miss a spot when attempting to kill mold, which can become the reason for mold return or revenge of the mold. If you want to use this method, make sure to use extra precautions because the cleaning agents can be harmful to your skin, and fumes can be toxic when inhaled.

Clean using Fogging Machine

 Professionals mainly use this method as it is effective. But a slight mistake can damage the circuit board of the HVAC unit.

How does it work?

 It is paired with an AC unit. It sprays a disinfectant through the system. It injures and kills the mold more effectively as the spray can reach all aspects of the system instead of just a single area.

Final verdict on UV Light in Smyrna GA

As practical as possible, using UV light to destroy mold is probable. It can take a little time which is acceptable, considering the practical result of using UV light. Mold Air duct cleaning Smyrna GA and other duct cleaning services use UV lights for clearing molds from vents.

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