How to Make your Apparel Boxes Shine Out the Rest

Aesthetically made, high class apparel boxes are meant to make the apparels look more luxurious. These boxes add value to the products inside. Besides, they help protect the expensive, branded apparels from damage, pollutants, and wear, hence increasing their shelf life. 

Made with high end material and finished in an exquisite coating, the apparel boxes give an elite impression and add to the reputation of the brand. The customers naturally think that if this much attention had been given to the packaging alone, much more would have been given to the products themselves. These boxes are meant to provide a comprehensive branding experience to the customer. However, in order to make sure that your apparel boxes are up to the mark and capable of alluring the customers, you need to ensure that done criteria are strictly met for apparel boxes. Here are a few things which you should look into;

Try Different Customization Options with Apparel Boxes

No matter what commodity you are dealing in, the packaging today is all about customization. The apparel boxes are no exception. Hence, if you want to have an identity of your own in a sea of brands in the apparel market, you must go for a custom apparel boxes. The customization needs to be adopted for both the box design and printing.

When it comes to personalization in box design, the options are innumerable for the custom apparel boxes. One of the most common trends here is to go for window boxes. These boxes have windows cut out in their front side. It makes the apparel product visible to the customer. Thus it reduces the need to open the box time and again. Windows offer an enhanced visibility which in turn means an increased chance of sale. Boxes with windows add convenience for both the customer and the retail seller. Besides, a box which makes its contents readily visible has greater chances to be picked up by the walk-in customer than the one which has to be opened to reveal the contents.

Besides window cut boxes, you can also try special adornments for your apparel boxes to make them look more attractive. These can be made into presentable gift boxes by adding such features as laces, flowers, boxes, ribbons etc. It enhances their beauty and adds value to the apparel thus also making it a perfect gift for loved ones. 

No matter what category of apparel you are selling, your custom box should be totally tailor made to its specifications. Whether it is a tie, a shirt, ladies top, pants, or a casual dress, the box should be made according to the apparel’s requirements. A tailor made box adds to the beauty of the apparel and makes it look more attractive, enhancing the chances of sale. 

Go for the Highest Quality Printing

Printing is what differentiates your brand from others amidst a huge number of apparel manufacturing brands. Your company’s logo is the most important tool for your brand’s recognition. Make it stand out by using some additional printing features. Most custom box manufacturers offer a number of add ons in this regard. These are meant to Add uniqueness to your logo and make it readily identifiable. For example, you can go for raised ink i e. Embossing or you can go for engraved or embossed logos. They give your logo a 3D look. Besides, the spot UV, gold foiling, and silver foiling add immensely to the beauty of your logo and give it a professional outlook.

Moreover, your packaging company must make use of the highest quality inks for highly precise results. Make sure that it uses the latest equipment for printing. Try digital printing for the less detailed graphics and offset printing if your selected graphics involve great detail. 

Window cut boxes, you can likewise attempt unique embellishments for your clothing boxes to make them look more appealing. These can be made into satisfactory blessing boxes by adding such highlights as bands, blossoms, boxes, strips and so on. It upgrades their excellence and enhances the attire along these lines making it an ideal present for friends and family. 

Regardless of what classification of clothing you are selling, your custom box ought to be thoroughly customized to its determinations. Regardless of whether it is a tie, a shirt, women top, pants, or an easygoing dress, the case ought to be made by the attire’s necessities. A customized box adds to the excellence of the attire and makes it look more alluring, improving the odds of offer.

Moreover, choose a color combination which is in accordance with your target audience’s demographics, their likings and disliking. Your colors are going to represent your brand so make a choice carefully. 

Make use of the available printable space with care. Don’t bombard your box with a lot of text or images and leave some space clutter free for the sake of aesthetics so that a visual balance is created. 

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