Home interior design tips can make guests feel warm

Home interior design tips, a good indoor environment can make people happy and increase people’s nostalgia for home. Moreover, the style of interior design is also a place to show one’s artistic creation and pursuit. Good interior design can make guests feel warm.

Home interior design tips

A good indoor environment can make people feel happy and increase people’s nostalgia for home. Moreover, the style of interior design is also a place to show one’s artistic creation and pursuit. Good interior design can make guests feel warm.


  1. Tips 1: Colorful wallpapers , there are many styles of wallpapers to choose from, the price is cheap, and it can be replaced at any time, and there is no chemical pollution. It’s easy to organize, just stick it seriously. You can put some cute and colorful wallpapers in the baby’s room, which will help attract the baby’s eyeballs and cultivate his cognitive ability. Some elegant and quiet colors such as blue can be pasted in the study, so that we can read better in the study. In the bedroom, you can paste some romantic colors such as pink to create a romantic space belonging to two.
  • tips 2: Style wall painting , you can ask friends who are studying fine arts to draw some wall paintings for yourself on the wall. The oil paint is directly painted on the white wall, which looks very layered and can be maintained for a long time. For example, you can draw a starry sky of Van Gogh in the bedroom. When lying on the bed at night, the luminous light shines on the picture, which must have a unique feeling. A huge landscape painting can be painted in the living room. However, painting with oil paint will have a strong smell, and it will take a while for the smell of the paint to dissipate. don’t miss eBay UK Discount Code and Wayfair NHS discount code
  • tips 3: The combination of Chinese and Western cultures, we all grew up bathed in Chinese traditional culture and Western culture, and we naturally blended the beauty of Chinese traditional and Western culture in our hearts. Therefore, when doing interior design, you may wish to combine Chinese and Western, which can not only reflect the beauty of Chinese tradition in the living room, but also highlight some of the essence of Western culture. For example, some Chinese calligraphy and paintings can be hung in the study, and some Western oil paintings can be hung in the bedroom. Chinese porcelain and Western sculptures can be displayed on the museum shelf. A Western-style sofa with a Chinese-style cushion in the living room is a good choice. Shop now using Bargain Fox discount code
  • tips 4: Featured pendants , a very distinctive pendant can play the role of brilliance. Don’t be too individual in the living room, so as not to be appreciated by visitors. In the bedroom, as long as your husband and wife are willing, you can hang it as you like. Anyway, it’s for yourself. The pendants in the baby’s house should be chosen from the perspective of the baby, not sharp and chemical-containing (because the baby often takes things to his mouth).
  • Tips 5: The layout of the space is reasonable , and the main thing is not to make the house look empty and narrow. If the house is small, try not to assemble too much furniture. When choosing furniture, it is best to measure the size before buying, and use the drawing to show it first. The layout of the furniture. Pay attention to the color matching between the furniture, and also pay attention to the environmental protection and quality of the furniture material.
  • Tips 6: Creative roofs . The roof is often a part of our neglect. If you put some luminous stars on the roof of the bedroom, make yourself a Milky Way, so that you won’t be bored when you can’t sleep at night.
  • Tips 7: Green plants dot the room . For modern people, tall residential buildings completely separate people from nature. If you put one or two pots of green plants indoors, you can not only purify the indoor air, but also make it indoor Looks alive. The bedroom can be placed with elegant colors and graceful plants, such as Evergreen, Chinese Narcissus, Chlorophytum, and Chinese Orchid. The living room can be placed slightly larger bonsai, such as araucaria, palm bamboo and so on. The restaurant is suitable for placing plants that do not have a strong smell, such as cyclamen and four season begonias. White or light-colored paintings should be placed in the study, such as chrysanthemum, plum blossom, clivia, etc.
  • tips 8: Indoor flower arrangement, insert one or two flowers in the living room and bedroom, which can not only increase the viewability of the room, but also add a lot of sentiment. It can be given to the wife by the husband first, and then the wife will be inserted into the bedroom. You can choose the flowers freely according to your preferences, but I recommend perfume lilies, which can live longer and have a pleasant fragrance.
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  • The tips mentioned above are all for the parts that can be solved by yourself in the interior design. For the parts that you can’t solve by yourself, you should still find a decoration company, because it may involve structural, mechanical and other problems.

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