Easy DIY Solutions for Cleaning and Restoring Countertops

Countertops are the most functional areas in a kitchen. Inevitably they face rough use and are prone to wear and tear more than the other surfaces in the house. Countertops’ tile develops scratches due to cutting and chopping of fruits and vegetables directly on the surface. Moreover, food and beverage spills cannot be avoided. Oil leaks on countertops often take the form of greasy and sticky stains. You might be putting in a lot of effort removing this grime daily. But whatever you do, they reappear the next day. So is there any permanent solution to this? Well, yes! Here are some easy DIY solutions for cleaning countertops.

Common Problems with Countertops:

  • If you have used natural stone tile on your kitchen countertops then you must be aware that it is highly porous. Due to the porosity factor, marble tends to absorb all kinds of liquids and moisture. This dampness inside its pores offers excellent breeding ground for mold and mildew to develop. Mold leaves an unsightly looking greenish black residue on the stone, making it look dull and stained.
  • Most natural stone tile shed dust. With the shedding, its outer coat gets worn off easily, leaving a dull surface behind.
  • Acidic cleaners cause etching on the stone, which further makes it look dull.
  • Any kind of food and beverage spills and dust accumulation on the surface, makes the stone look dull over time.
  • Countertops get scratched easily due to cutting and chopping of vegetables and fruits.
  • Placing hot vessels right from the stove onto the marble countertop causes the surface to lose its sheen and lustre.
  • Cracks and chips on the surface further contribute to its deterioration. 

We recommend you perform a DIY countertop cleaning and restoration procedure using pFOkUS products. Our products are designed keeping in mind the nature of dirt, stains and grime that accumulate on countertops. Not only cleaning, we will also guide you on using products that will prevent further stain formation.

Kitchen Countertops:

Kitchen countertops are prone to maximum wear and tear. Rough use, oil leaks, cutting and chopping of vegetables and fruits often lead to staining and discoloration of the tile. Moreover, acidic cleaners also lead to etching on the surface. To preserve the integrity of your costly countertop stone, we have an excellent product that can maintain the brilliance and sheen of your surfaces.

The elegant looking countertop above is easy to obtain with Valore Maintenance. Valore Maintenance is a very efficient countertop cleaner which is highly useful for maintaining your natural stone such as granite, marble and more.  It is a combination of a sealer and cleaner, which has been made with Repela – Technology that efficiently cleans and seals at the same time. Its molecular invisible bonding chemicals attach to all the fixtures preventing the formation of any stains or dots. This sealer and cleaner repels water at a hydrophilic level making the water sheet off the stone surface. It prevents water dots, oil leaks, grime and stains from forming on the surface. You can preserve the beauty of the countertop with this maintenance cleaner with very little effort

Easy DIY Countertop Cleaning and Restoration Procedure:

Eliminating Stains:

 You need to use a heavy duty deep penetrating cleaner for cleaning countertops, which does not cause etching on the surface. This deep soaking countertop cleaner should have the capacity of soaking deep inside the pores and eliminating mold and stains at the root level.  

 Sealing Grout:

Grout is a permeable substance which absorbs all the liquid spills leading to mold and mildew growth. It is necessary to keep the marble countertop grout away from stains to preserve the natural beauty of your marble else it will look stained. You should avoid sealing grout with water-based sealers as they are very temporary and tend to wear off in some time. If you use high-quality grout sealers, you can preserve, protect and enhance the beauty of your grout forever. It is necessary to use an epoxy resin adhesive to repair the cracks in your grout.

Repairing Cracks:

Repairing is an important part of countertop restoration service. For repairing cracked tile,  you might have been stressed with finding the same colored tile in the market. Sometimes, even if you have a spare tile, the color pigment does not match with the rest of the flooring. Nowadays, countertop repair is done using high-quality epoxy resin adhesives. These adhesives do not pop off from the surface and give a seamless effect.These fillers are also very sleek and make  your surfaces look perfect and natural.

 Waterproofing Tile and Grout:

 After countertop chip repair, you need to seal the entire surface to prevent the stone from getting stained, molded or damaged again. If you do not use a sealer, the countertop will again get scratched or stained. For sealing countertops, you should use a good tile and grout sealer, which passes on a hydrophobic effect and waterproofs the surface while getting deep inside your tile. It shuts the pores and leaves the surface with a sheen and lustre.

These are the basic DIY solutions for cleaning and restoring countertops. For best results, use pFOkUS products for countertop cleaning and restoration

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