7 Amazing Facebook Feed Examples For Your Website

Since introducing the social media network in our lives, Facebook has been the most talked-about platform. And that is because it is one of the oldest platforms and provides no such restriction on posting the content.

The variety of features and continuous upgrades makes this platform unique and the most used platform. It helps the users express themselves in every possible way and takes care of the brands with Facebook Pages. It provides them boosts in their promotion and also helps them with various marketing tools like Facebook Ads.

But one of the demerits of using Facebook Ads is that it is a little expensive and some small scale and medium scale businesses cannot afford to use it. Hence, to save expenses and impact the market, marketers made an amazing strategy to embed Facebook feed on the website. The strategy involves Facebook, thus provides reach and also cost-efficient hence save unnecessary expenses. 

The many advantages of using the Facebook feed on the website make your website engaging, attractive, and interactive. Social media aggregators provide a dedicated widget for Facebook that helps you collect the posts from Facebook related to your business. 

You can variously place Facebook feed on your website. 

Here are 7 Amazing Examples for Embedding the Facebook Feed on Your Website:  

1. Facebook profile post

The Facebook feed provides you a great opportunity to promote your Facebook profile by embedding your profile posts on the feed. The visitor will know about your Facebook presence and even follow you there if he likes your content.

You can share the images on your Facebook page and embed them on the website. The images and other visual content helps to attract the visitor’s attention and scroll for more posts. The feed helps to make an impression on a visitor by displaying a vibrant and alluring website. 

2. Facebook album feed

Images make your website more attractive and add charm to your website. You can embed your Facebook album on the feed and showcase the images of your product.

You can also categorize the album according to different products and showcase their variants in the pictures. Your album can also consist of images posted by past users, and hence it can act as social proof.

Visitors get more attracted to images and pictures compared to text posts. You can even give different names to your album to impress the visitor and create hype for a new product by creating an album dedicated to that particular product. You can add behind the scene images or a sneak peek of the product. It sparks interest in the visitors’ minds and helps you to gather more attention.

3. Facebook page feed

Facebook provides you a feature where you can create your own business page for your brand. The page helps to maintain the feed related to the business and Facebook boosts the reach.

You can embed Facebook feed examples of your business page on your website and make your website more engaging. The feed will display the posts from your business page, and that is dedicated to your brand only.

4. Facebook review feed

A potential customer will always like to read reviews and people’s opinions about the product or the brand before buying it. Facebook is an open platform where people often comment on the product and share their experience with the brand.

You can use the feed to embed these reviews on your website. It will allow visitors to read all the reviews related to your brand without exiting the screen. 

It also enhances your reputation in the market, and reviews can help you get more sales for your business and grow your customer base. 

5. Page mention feed

The Facebook widget also collects the content using the mention feature. People often post images with the product and tag them using the mention feature; they also use the mention feature while talking about your brand or product. The feed will display all these contents on your website. 

It also discloses the popularity of your brand and your level of interaction and engagement with audiences.

6. Facebook feed as sidebar widget

Sidebar widgets are very helpful the businesses for their website. You can display Facebook feeds on the sidebar and make your website more pleasing to the eyes. Another advantage of having a sidebar widget is that it is present on the side of your website screen. Hence, the visitor will be able to see your website and your Facebook chatter all at the same time.

You can use the sidebar widget on each page of your website; by this, visitors can read about the product and view its content.  

7. Facebook feed as slideshow theme

You can display the Facebook feed as a slideshow on your website. The widget allows you to show images of your product in a carousel manner. You can display different pictures of your product or even display your customers’ pictures with the product. The slideshows make your website interactive and add beauty to your website.


Combining Facebook with your website can do wonders for your business and your brand promotion. The widget creates that link between your Facebook and website and helps you to grow as a business. There are many benefits of using the widget. So, what are you waiting to for embed the Facebook feed on your website and increase your market reputation. 

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